Mental States

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David M. Rosenthal (philosopher) - Quality-space Theory
... Since mental states are conscious only if one is aware of those states, every mental state can occur without being conscious ... That includes states that exhibit mental qualities, such as the perceptions and bodily sensations that occur in subliminal perception and in blindsight ... view goes against many contemporary views, on which mental qualities are tied inextricably to consciousness ...
Motor Imagery - Simulation and Understanding Mental States
... For this author, the simulation hypothesis states that thinking consists of simulated interaction with the environment, and rests on the following three core assumptions (1 ... Mental simulation may also be a representational tool to understand the self and others ... to understand mental states (intentions, desires, feelings, and beliefs) of others (aka theory of mind) ...
Type Physicalism - Criticism and Replies - Qualia
... Another frequent objection is that type identity theories fail to account for phenomenal mental states (or qualia), such as having a pain, feeling sad, experiencing nausea ... for example, according to which the identity theorist cannot identify phenomenal mental states with brain states (or any other physical state for that matter ... explain away such phenomena by insisting that the experiential properties of mental events are topic-neutral ...
Studies in Primate Cognition - Theory of Mind
... is difficult to study human-like theory of mind and mental states in species which we do not yet describe as "minded" at all, and about whose potential mental states we have an incomplete ... as it is in the nature of any theorizers of mind to have to extrapolate internal mental states from observable behavior ... Call, and Tomasello (2001) found that subordinate chimpanzees were able to use the knowledge state of dominant rival chimpanzees to determine which container of hidden food they approached ...
Sydney Shoemaker
... and Qualia" (1975), he argues that functionalism about mental states can account for the qualitative character (or 'raw feel') of mental states ... to Error Through Misidentification' is what distinguishes self-attributions of mental states (such as "I see a canary") from self-attributions of physical states (such as "I weigh 200 pounds") ... also applied his view of properties to the problem of mental causation ...

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