Melting Temperature

Melting temperature may refer to:

  • Melting point, the temperature at which a substance changes from solid to liquid state.
  • DNA melting temperature, the temperature at which a DNA double helix dissociates into single strands.

Other articles related to "melting temperature, temperature, melting":

Melting-point Depression - Introduction
... The melting temperature of a bulk material is not dependent on its size ... the dimensions of a material decrease towards the atomic scale, the melting temperature scales with the material dimensions ... The decrease in melting temperature can be on the order of tens to hundreds of degrees for metals with nanometer dimensions ...
Processes - Soldering and Brazing
... The distinction between soldering and brazing is based on the melting temperature of the filler alloy ... A temperature of 450 °C is usually used as a practical delineating point between soldering and brazing ... can be done with a heated iron whereas the other methods require a higher temperature torch or furnace to melt the filler metal ...
Melting Curve Analysis
... Melting curve analysis is an assessment of the dissociation-characteristics of double-stranded DNA during heating ... As the temperature is raised, the double strand begins to dissociate leading to a rise in the absorbance intensity, hyperchromicity ... The temperature at which 50% of DNA is denatured is known as the melting point, though it is an inaccurate term as it has very little to do with a traditional melting point ...
Deoxyribonucleic Acid - Properties - Base Pairing
... pulled apart like a zipper, either by a mechanical force or high temperature ... Melting occurs when conditions favor ssDNA such conditions are high temperature, low salt and high pH (low pH also melts DNA, but since DNA is unstable due to acid depurination, low pH is rarely used) ... in various ways a common way is the "melting temperature", which is the temperature at which 50% of the ds molecules are converted to ss molecules melting temperature ...

Famous quotes containing the words temperature and/or melting:

    The bourgeois treasures nothing more highly than the self.... And so at the cost of intensity he achieves his own preservation and security. His harvest is a quiet mind which he prefers to being possessed by God, as he prefers comfort to pleasure, convenience to liberty, and a pleasant temperature to that deathly inner consuming fire.
    Hermann Hesse (1877–1962)

    Since to the awe of thy imperious wit
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    Thomas Carew (1589–1639)