Meigs may refer to:

  • Charles Delucena Meigs (1792-1869), American obstetrician
  • Cornelia Meigs (1884-1973), children's book author and educator
  • George Anson Meigs (1816–1897), prominent entrepreneur, businessman and shipbuilder in Washington Territory
  • Henry Meigs (1782-1861), U.S. Congressman from New York
  • Henry Meigs, Jr. (1809-1887), first mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey, and president of the New York Stock Exchange
  • Joe Vincent Meigs (1892-1963), American obstetrician and gynecologist
  • John Rodgers Meigs (1841-1864), officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War
  • Josiah Meigs (1757-1822), college professor, journalist, and president of the University of Georgia
  • Josiah V. Meigs (or Joseph Vincent Meigs or Joe Vincent Meigs, 1840-1907), inventor of Meigs Elevated Railway; son of Return J. Meigs (III) and Sally Keyes Love Meigs; grandfather of Joe Vincent Meigs
  • Mary Meigs (1917-2002), painter and writer
  • Merrill C. Meigs (1883–1968), former publisher of the Chicago Herald and Examiner
  • Montgomery C. Meigs (1816–1892), Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army during the American Civil War
  • Montgomery Meigs (born 1945), a retired U.S. Army General who served in Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and Bosnian War; descendant of Montgomery C. Meigs
  • Montgomery "Monty" Meigs (1847-1931), civil engineer
  • Peveril Meigs (1903-1979), geographer
  • Return J. Meigs, Sr. (1740–1823), a colonel in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and an Indian agent with the Cherokee in Tennessee
  • Return J. Meigs, Jr. (1764–1825), first chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, U.S. Senator, fourth Governor of Ohio, and eighth U.S. Postmaster General
  • Return J. Meigs (III) (1801-1891), lawyer and judge, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia
  • Fort Meigs, a fortification in Ohio during the War of 1812
  • Meigs Field, former Chicago, Illinois, airport named in honor of Merrill C. Meigs
  • Meigs, Georgia
  • Mount Meigs, Alabama
  • Meigs County, Ohio
  • Meigs County, Tennessee
  • Meigs Township, Adams County, Ohio
  • Meigs Township, Muskingum County, Ohio
  • Meig's Key, Florida Keys
  • One of the following U.S. military ships named in honor of General Montgomery C. Meigs:
    • USAT Meigs, a U.S. Army transport ship sunk early in World War II
    • USS General M. C. Meigs (AP-116), a U.S. Navy transport ship in World War II
Other topics
  • Meigs-Bishop House, an historic building in Madison, Connecticut
  • Meigs Elevated Railway, an experimental monorail once built in East Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Meigs High School, Pomeroy, Ohio
  • Meigs Magnet School, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Meigs Mountain Trail, hiking trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Meigs syndrome, a disorder of the female reproductive system

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