MCI may refer to:

  • 1101 in Roman numerals
  • mCi, millicurie, 1/1000 of a curie, a non-SI unit of radioactivity
  • MCi, megacurie, 1,000,000 times a curie

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MCI - Other
... compete for the crown of Miss Chinese International MCI, The IATA airport code for the Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, Missouri, US Michigan City (Amtrak station), Indiana, United States Amtrak ...
MCI Mail - Sales Channels
1996, and provided both customers and many MCI employees with information on a few features available as well as hints and tricks for using MCI Mail ... PEN newsletter included articles on Concert Packet Switching Service for MCI Mail, MCI Mail Telephone update, Cellular Access to MCI Mail, List of Access Cellular Numbers, Logon Procedures, X.400 ...
CIDR Notation - CIDR Blocks - Assignment of CIDR Blocks
... over 2 million addresses, had been assigned by ARIN (the North American RIR) to MCI ... Research Systems, a Virginia VAR, leased an Internet connection from MCI and was assigned the block, capable of addressing just over 1000 devices ... Outside of MCI's network, the prefix would be used to direct to MCI traffic bound not only for, but also for any of the roughly two million IP addresses with the same initial 11 bits ...
MCI Mail
... MCI Mail was a commercial email service that was operated by MCI Communications Corp ... (abbreviated "MCI") during the period 1983 - 2003 ...
MCI Management Center Innsbruck - Miscellaneous
... MCI’s student services provide students information and support on housing residence, scholarships awards, sports, culture leisure activities, library literature as ... The language center of MCI presents students a broad range of supplementary language courses (e.g ... MCI’s Alumni Association MCI Alumni Friends provides a networking platform not only for graduates but also for MCI students by organizing numerous panel discussions and other events with ...