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Bill White (politician) - Mayor of Houston - Second Term
... In 2005, White was challenged for re-election by minor and perennial candidates and won re-election with 91 percent of the vote–the highest percentage received by a mayoral candidate in Houston in 60 ... During his second term, White focused his work on improving graduation rates in the city's high schools, enforcing air pollution standards, reducing the possibility of flooding in newer ... In 2005, White formed the Mayor’s Wellness Council and launched the Get Moving Houston fitness campaign ...
Kevin White (mayor) - Mayor of Boston - History of Non-leadership By City Elites On Civil Rights
... Barney Frank, who worked as White's chief of staff in City Hall during White's first term in office, has described White's being dubbed "Mayor Black", because he was the first Boston mayor to ... White administration staff member, and subsequent Boston City Council President Bruce Bolling describes a leadership vacuum on the issue of race, and that for many years "the ... it's important for people to understand that the leadership in the white community was very scarce around this issue." - Mel King This elite leadership vacuum would leave ...
Rosewater Limited Liability Company
... a protest on public square against the then Cleveland Mayor Michael Reed White's "sweeping the streets" policy ... Mayor White had instituted a policy in unison with other big city mayors, most notably, then Mayor, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani of New York City, of discreet removal of homeless from the streets to public ... This brought Mayor White, and the city, into a legal dispute with the American Civil Liberties Union, who represented the homeless in a series of lawsuits filed against the ...

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    This man was very clever and quick to learn anything in his line. Our tent was of a kind new to him; but when he had once seen it pitched, it was surprising how quickly he would find and prepare the pole and forked stakes to pitch it with, cutting and placing them right the first time, though I am sure that the majority of white men would have blundered several times.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    when Mrs Kindhead comes to collect for the Community Chest
    grab her and tell her There are unfavorable omens in the sky!
    And when the mayor comes to get my vote tell him
    When are you going to stop people killing whales!
    Gregory Corso (b. 1930)