Mayor of Honolulu - List of Mayors of Honolulu

List of Mayors of Honolulu

  • Joseph James Fern, 1909–1915, 1917–1920 Democratic
  • John Carey Lane, 1915–1917, Republican
  • John Henry Wilson, 1920–1927, 1929–1931, 1947–1955, Democratic
  • Charles N. Arnold, 1927–1929 Republican
  • George Fred Wright, 1931–1938 Republican
  • Charles Spencer Crane, 1938–1941
  • Lester Petrie, 1941–1947
  • Neal Shaw Blaisdell, 1955–1969, Republican
  • Frank Francis Fasi, 1969–1981, 1985–1994, Democratic, Republican, Non-Partisan
  • Eileen Anderson, 1981–1985, Democratic
  • Jeremy Harris, 1994–2004, Democratic
  • Mufi Francis Hannemann, 2005–2010, Democratic
  • Peter Carlisle, 2010–Present (term ends in 2012), Independent

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