Matematička Gimnazija

Matematička gimnazija (Serbian Cyrillic: Математичка гимназија Београд, English: Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade, abbr. "MG" or "MGB"), is a special school for gifted and talented students of mathematics, physics and informatics located in Belgrade, Serbia. It is ranked number one at International Science Olympiads by the number of medals won by its students (more than 400).

The School has developed its own Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade curriculum in various mathematics, physics, and IT subjects. There are approx. 160 professors employed, mostly scientists. One half of the professors come from University of Belgrade staff, Institute of Physics Belgrade, and Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. More than half of the professors are former students of the School.

School's staff maintains connections to, collaborates with, and frequently visits world's leading scientific institutions, such as CERN, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research – Dubna, Lomonosov Moscow State University, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick University, Imperial College London.

Every year more than half of the graduates receive scholarships from top USA and UK universities. In 2010 alone students of MG won 7 full scholarships for Trinity College, Cambridge (out of 11 Trinity awards globally), more than 40 full scholarships for UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick University, Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, Columbia University, Stanford University, Harvard University, University College London, and 40 more partial scholarships for the world's top universities. The rest got full scholarships from University of Belgrade.

The School has 550 students, aged 12–19. There are 155 girls, and 395 boys.

The average professors' work experience is 18 years.

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