Master Diver

Master Diver usually refers to an experienced person in Underwater diving or Scuba diving. In more formal settings, this may refer to someone who has completed a qualification program to receive the designation.

For the United States military:

In recreational diving:

  • Master Scuba Diver, a non-professional certification
  • Divemaster, a professional certification

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Master Diver (United States Navy)
... The United States Navy Master Diver is the highest warfare qualification obtainable by a member of U.S ... A Master Diver has the most experience and knowledge on all aspects of diving and underwater salvage ...
Master Diver (United States Navy) - Knowledge and Skills
... The Master Diver has completed Master Diver evaluation course successfully and is proficient in the operation of Navy-approved underwater breathing equipment ... The Master Diver is thoroughly familiar with operating and emergency procedures for diving systems, and possesses a working knowledge of gas mixing and analysis ... The Master Diver shall possess a comprehensive knowledge of the scope and application of all Naval instructions and publications pertaining to diving, and shall ensure that logs and ...
Diver Insignia - United States Maritime Services
... Master Diver Insignia 1st Class Diver Insignia 2nd Class Diver Insignia Scuba Diver Insignia Joint diver insignia of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Navy Diving Medical ... The elementary naval diver insignia is the Scuba Diver Insignia, awarded upon qualifying as a basic naval diver ... Previously, the Scuba Diver Insignia was awarded in two degrees, one for officers and one for enlisted ...
Men Of Honor - Plot
... the galley, he is inspired by the bravery of one of the divers, Master Chief Petty Officer Leslie William "Billy" Sunday (De Niro) ... He is determined to overcome racism and become the first African American Navy diver, even proclaiming that he will become a Master Diver ... He finds that Master Chief Sunday is the Leading Chief Petty Officer and head instructor, who is under orders from the school's eccentric, bigoted commanding officer to ensure that Brashear ...

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