Martin Door - Environmental Record

Environmental Record

Even though there is no industry standard for defining green, Martin Door Manufacturing has claimed to be "greener than green" in regards to their processes and the impact their garage doors have on the environment.

The company quit building wooden garage doors several years ago, leading Dave Martin to suggest no trees are cut down to build his garage doors. Martin officials claim they recycle every component used in assembling a door down to the last scrap."

In 2003 the company had a new powder coat paint booth installed, which imposed new environmental controls on a key component of their manufacturing process." The paint system utilizes a high-tech wash system that monitors the acidic level of the water during the washing cycle and runoff is tested for pH levels and not released into the sewer until it reaches appropriate levels. The filtration system is also touted as being environmentally friendly. Any residual powder that does not attach itself to the negatively charged panel is captured by a filtering system that drops the powder down into a holding area, where it can be easily controlled, and removed. A holding room off one of the chambers is climate controlled for the sensitive powder used in the painting process. When the temperature is not right, a red light will signal a potential problem.

Even though Dave Martin has argued against putting too much emphasis on insulation in an area with venting requirement, the company added a new insulation option in 2009, which allows a customer an R-14 on a garage door. ."

The company donated a door as part of a solar test project ." in the greater Salt Lake City area in 2008, and findings from that project suggest significant energy savings as a result."

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