"Mammy" is a nickname for a mother, used in several English dialects, including Hiberno-English used in Ireland.

"Mammy" may refer to:

  • Mammy archetype, a stereotype of a black woman, depicted as rotund, homely, and matronly
  • Mammy's Boy, unfinished 1923 film with Al Jolson, directed by D. W. Griffith
  • Mammy (1930 film), starring Al Jolson
  • "My Mammy", a U.S. popular song, a huge hit for Al Jolson
  • Mammy (Gone with the Wind), the O’Haras' outspoken housemaid in the film version of Gone with the Wind
  • Mammy Two Shoes, a recurring character in MGM's Tom and Jerry cartoons, a heavy-set middle-aged black woman
  • Mammy Yokum, a white hillbilly from the comic strip "Little Abner"

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... out for Tara and is saddened when she learns that Mammy, her mainstay since birth, is dying ... When she arrives there, she sends a telegram to notify Rhett about Mammy under the name of Will Benteen (her sister Suellen's husband), because she knows that he won't ... Before Mammy passes away she makes him swear to look after "her lamb" Miss Scarlett ...
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... Ogie's mother, whom he calls Mammy is very similar to Ogie, she is pink instead of blue and wears pearls around her neck ...
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3 DVD compilation because of the scene where Mammy emerges from the coal and discovers the "black man" is actually Tom Originally, Cartoon Network left ... of Tom in blackface showing him sneaking away from Mammy was reanimated in 1965 ... Most recent airings on Cartoon Network have Thea Vidale voice Mammy ...