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Human Races From The Malazan Book Of The Fallen Series - Characters
... Character Description Appears in A'Karonys a High Mage of the Malazan Empire GotM Amby Bole a retired Mott Irregular and shareholder of the Trygalle Trade Guild ... Warren of Shadow and King of High House Shadow GotM, DG Antsy Malazan Sergeant of the 7th Squad of the Bridgeburners GotM, MoI, TH Apsalar a Malazan ... Skullcrusher a Thelomen Toblakai High Mage of the Malazan Empire ...
Invading Races From The Malazan Book Of The Fallen Series - Tiste Edur - Edur Interactions With The Malazan Empire
... Tiste Edur has had significant interactions with the Malazan Empire ... During the events of The Bonehunters, the main fleet of the Malazan Empire crossed paths with one of the exploratory fleets of the Tiste Edur ... The Edur threatened to destroy the Malazan fleet with sorcery, but the Malazan High Mage Quick Ben bluffed his way past with unknowing help from Bottle and the goddess Eres'al, thus ...
Return Of The Crimson Guard - Plot Overview
... The Malazan Empire is in turmoil following the catastrophic war in Seven Cities and the plague which has devastated the subcontinent and severely disrupted food supplies to Quon Tali ... However, this bluff has not succeeded and civil war threatens to tear the Empire apart ... Whilst the Malazan Empire teeters on the brink of disaster, the mercenary group known as the Crimson Guard has been summoned back to Quon Tali to take advantage of the chaos ...

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