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Since she is the only woman writer in Hindi who has chosen to write about rural India, her writing is a constant struggle against the feudal system which still prevails in Indian villages. Her protagonists are always fearless women upholding feminine dignity, who suffer and resist the male domination. No other woman writer in Hindi grapples with and depicts the rural politics and reality better than Maitreyi. She is bold and forthright. She is well known for her powerful idiomatic language and uninhibited treatment.

As the famous author, Rajendra Yadav says, Maitreyi Pushpa has released Hindi literature from the closed and suffocating atmosphere of cities into the open spaces of villages and fields, in a way that no Hindi writer has done before. She has given new definitions to both our bookish titles and language. After independence, Maitreyi's work would be the third name after Rangey Raghav and Phanishwar Nath 'Renu' which has burst into the skies of literature like a comet.

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