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File Page - Addressing Limits On 32-bit Hardware - Main Memory Larger Than Virtual Address Space
... A few computers have a main memory larger than the virtual address space of a process, such as the Magic-1, some PDP-11 machines, and some 32-bit processors with Physical Address Extension ... This nullifies the main advantage of virtual memory, since a single process can't use more main memory than the amount of its virtual address space ... Such systems often use paging techniques to obtain secondary benefits The "extra memory" can be used in the page cache to cache frequently used files and metadata, such as directory information, from secondary storage ...
CSQL Cache
... CSQL Cache uses Main Memory Database (CSQL MMDB) for caching the table ... This main memory database is many times faster than traditional disk based database system as the database completely resides in main memory and developed ...
Scratchpad Memory - Alternatives - Shared L2 Vs Cell Local Stores
... to share results without those results having to be committed to main memory ... The tradeoff is that of memory wasted in buffering and programming complexity for synchronization, though this would be similar to precached pages in a conventional chip ... piece of code to one SPU, then copy it from there to the others to avoid hitting the main memory again ...
... CSQL is an open source main memory high-performance relational database management system developed at ... Main Memory databases performs 10-20 times faster than the disk based database systems, as it completely keeps the database in main memory ... As there is no disk I/O, main memory databases provide predictive response time (~10 microsecs for point lookup and ~20 microsecs for insert/update/delete ...
Hellcats Over The Pacific - History - Incremental Update
... The SPARCstation allowed the memory of the graphics card to be mapped into main memory any data the CPU placed in those memory locations they would automatically be copied over the SBus ... to continually update the screen independently of the CPU if the two shared the memory directly it can lead to contention issues that will slow overall ... However, the path between the main memory and the frame buffer was relatively slow, so while both the CPU and the frame buffer could move memory quickly within their own private memory, they could not ...

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