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Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death - Weapons - Justice Department Issue Weapons
... It holds six types of ammunition in the same magazine ... ammo mode has to have the same capacity as the new ammo mode or the magazine will not switch to the new ammo type unless the player changes the magazine ... Each magazine holds 64 Standard bullets ...

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    The town is divided into various groups, which form so many little states, each with its own laws and customs, its jargon and its jokes. While the association holds and the fashion lasts, they admit nothing well said or well done except by one of themselves, and they are incapable of appeciating anything from another source, to the point of despising those who are not initiated into their mysteries.
    —Jean De La Bruy√®re (1645–1696)

    A faithful lover is a character greatly out of date, and rarely now used but to adorn some romantic novel, or for a flourish on the stage. He passes now for a man of little merit, or one who knows nothing of the world.
    Anonymous, U.S. women’s magazine contributor. Weekly Visitor or Ladies Miscellany, p. 20 (April 1803)