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List Of Macross Frontier Episodes - Episodes
... Yack Deculture edition - Blu-ray and DVD) The famous galactic idol singer, Sheryl Nome, arrives on Macross Frontier Colonial Fleet for the last leg of her ... and Alto makes the fateful decision to join SMS as a pilot 04 "Miss Macross" "Misu Makurosu" (ミス·マクロス) April 24, 2008 Alto, who was accepted into the SMS, is put through the ... has passed the initial rounds of the Miss Macross Frontier contest auditions and sings a song for the very final screening stage 05 "Star Date" "Sutā Deito ...
List Of Macross Frontier Characters - New United Nations Military
... Staff second lieutenant attached to the Macross Frontier, she is also the daughter of President Howard Glass ... as she is commonly known) is revealed to be a former Miss Macross winner, and later goes on to serve on the judging panel in the 2059 contest ... Catherine becomes part of the SMS Macross Quarter crew during a mission to rescue the Macross Galaxy fleet from the Vajra ...
List Of Macross Frontier Terminology - Strategic Military Services
... SMS organization has been contracted as outsourced military protection for the Macross Frontier Fleet and supplements the fleet's military assets ... and a transformable warship named the SMS Macross Quarter ... its headquarters on Island 1 (the primary colony ship of the Macross Frontier Fleet) with additional port facilities where the Macross Quarter is docked ...
List Of Macross Frontier Terminology - Mecha and Ships of S.M.S. and New U.N. Spacy Fleets - Ships
... Island 1 - The primary city section of Macross Frontier ... It resembles an enlarged New Macross-class Super Long Range Colony Ship's city section, similar to the one in Macross 7, though by all appearances, it is significantly larger ... It is the Flagship of the Macross Frontier Colony Fleet and is also referred to as Macross Frontier by name ...
List Of Macross Frontier Terminology - Macross Universe Parallels
... The Macross Frontier anime TV series, apart from providing the audience an original story set in the Macross universe, also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the franchise by repeating (often with ... Many elements from previous Macross television shows, movies and OVAs are showcased during certain episodes in the Frontier 25 episode run, giving the audience who have seen previous installments of Macross some D ... Alto Saotome and Hikaru Ichijyo (From SDF Macross) are both involved in acrobatic flying ...

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