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Macross - Series Chronology
... The main Macross production consists of (in chronological release order) Release Dates Episodes Work Title (original) Chronology 1982/10 to 1983/06 36 TV. 2009–2012 1984/07 Movie Macross Do You Remember Love? Alternate telling of the events in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, specifically episodes two through 27. 2009–2012/2031 story within a story (in Macross 7) 1987/06 1 OVA The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Flash Back 2012 Epilogue of the Movie, segments were added in the ...
List Of Macross Frontier Terminology - Creatures, Fighters and Ships of The Vajra
... Vajra Destroyer Mecha-Drones (In the Macross Frontier Movie) - Largest mecha-type Vajra that resembles a wasp in its appearance ... stomach part of the body as seen in the movie where it captures Ranka Lee and trys to escape to a Vajra Carrier stationed just outside the protective dome of Island 1 ... were destroyed by Michael during the ambush on the Frontier Fleet ...

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