Machine Pistol

A machine pistol is a handgun-style, often magazine-fed and self-loading firearm, capable of fully automatic or burst fire, and normally chambered for pistol cartridges. The term is a literal translation of Maschinenpistole, the German term for a hand-held automatic weapon firing pistol cartridges. While the dividing line between machine pistols and compact submachine guns is hard to draw, the term "submachine gun" usually refers to larger automatic firearms scaled down from a full-sized machine gun to fire handgun rounds, while the term "machine pistol" usually refers to a weapon built up from a semi-automatic pistol design.

In a law enforcement context, machine pistols are used by tactical police units such as SWAT teams or hostage rescue teams which are operating inside buildings and other cramped spaces, who need a small, concealable weapon with a high rate of fire. Bodyguards from police or government agencies sometimes carry concealed machine pistols when they are protecting high-risk VIPs. Criminal gang members such as narcotics traffickers also use machine pistols, typically cheaper guns such as the MAC-10 or the Tec-9 which have been illegally converted to fire in a fully automatic fashion.

In a military setting, some countries issue machine pistols as personal defense side arms to infantry, paratroopers, artillery crews, helicopter crews or tank crews. They have also been used in close quarters combat (CQC) settings where a small weapon is needed (e.g. by special forces attacking buildings or tunnels). In the 2000s, the machine pistol started to be supplanted by the personal defense weapon: a compact, fully automatic submachine gun-like firearm which fires armour-piercing rounds instead of pistol ammunition.

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... y Cia SA Astra 901 is a compact machine-pistol, with a magazine capacity of 10 7.63x25mm Mauser cartridges, which is a considerably smaller capacity than is standard for a machine pistol ... The Model 904 is comparable to the German Mauser 712 'Schnellfeuer' Broomhandle pistols, having a detachable magazine, automatic fire capabilities, and general appearance ...
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... Machine pistols have long been criticized for their inaccuracy ... The inaccuracy of most machine pistols occurs because it is hard to control a fully automatic weapon that has such a low weight and in many cases, lacks a proper shoulder stock ... Machine pistols also tend to have very short barrels, which means that the bullets are not accurate beyond a hundred meters or so ...
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... Observing an enemy machine gun crew placing its gun in position to his left front, Technical Sergeant Tanouye crept forward a few yards and opened fire on the position, killing or wounding three and ... Immediately, an enemy machine pistol opened fire on him ... Next, sighting an enemy machine pistol that had pinned down his men, Technical Sergeant Tanouye crawled forward a few yards and threw a hand grenade into the position, silencing the pistol ...
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... Sch├╝tzenschnur in Bronze) is awarded for shooting with the rifle and the pistol and the machine pistol with at least two scores in at least bronze (medical service at least one score in at least ... The category of heavy weapons (most commonly the machine gun) is not mandatory to earn the bronze badge ... The rifle, pistol and machine pistol are the only weapons that require minimally score of bronze ...
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... A self-loading pistol reloads the chamber with a new round automatically each time the weapon is fired, without additional action being required by ... For a semi-automatic pistol, this is typically accomplished by recoil operation ... In a machine pistol, in contrast, this can be accomplished by blowback, or, less commonly, by gas operation, harnessing gases produced when the gun ...

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