Lyonsiidae - Genera and Species

Genera and Species

The World Register of Marine Species lists the following genera and species in the family:

  • Allogramma
    • Allogramma elegans
    • Allogramma formosa
    • Allogramma oahuense
  • Bentholyonsia
    • Bentholyonsia teramachii
  • Entodesma
    • Entodesma beana
    • Entodesma brasiliense
    • Entodesma brevifrons
    • Entodesma cuneata
    • Entodesma delicatum
    • Entodesma elongatulum
    • Entodesma fretalis
    • Entodesma lucasana
    • Entodesma navicula
    • Entodesma patagonicum
    • Entodesma pictum
    • Entodesma saxicola
    • Entodesma sechuranum
    • Entodesma solemyalis
    • Entodesma weisbordi
  • Lyonsia
    • Lyonsia adriatica
    • Lyonsia alvarezii
    • Lyonsia arcaeforme
    • Lyonsia arenosa
    • Lyonsia argentea
    • Lyonsia bracteata
    • Lyonsia californica
    • Lyonsia cucumerina
    • Lyonsia floridana
    • Lyonsia granulifera
    • Lyonsia hyalina
    • Lyonsia kawamurai
    • Lyonsia malvinensis
    • Lyonsia norvegica
    • Lyonsia nuculaniformis
    • Lyonsia panamensis
    • Lyonsia praetenuis
    • Lyonsia shimkevitch
    • Lyonsia striata
    • Lyonsia taiwanica
    • Lyonsia ventricosa
    • Lyonsia vniroi

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