Lorentz Group

In physics (and mathematics), the Lorentz group is the group of all Lorentz transformations of Minkowski spacetime, the classical setting for all (nongravitational) physical phenomena. The Lorentz group is named for the Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz.

The mathematical form of

  • the kinematical laws of special relativity,
  • Maxwell's field equations in the theory of electromagnetism,
  • Dirac's equation in the theory of the electron,

are each invariant under the Lorentz transformations. Therefore the Lorentz group is said to express the fundamental symmetry of many of the known fundamental Laws of Nature.

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... representation and the vector representation of the Lorentz group ... is only one vector representation for each Lorentz group, in general there are several different spinorial representations ... Technically these are really representations of the double cover of the Lorentz group called a spin group ...
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... The concept of the Lorentz group has a natural generalization to any spacetime dimension ... Mathematically, the Lorentz group of n+1 dimensional Minkowski space is the group O(n,1) (or O(1,n)) of linear transformations of Rn+1 which preserve the quadratic form Many of the properties ... For instance, the Lorentz group O(n,1) has four connected components, and it acts by conformal transformations on the celestial (n−1)-sphere in n+1 dimensional Minkowski space ...
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... a universal method to maintain explicit Lorentz invariance in any quantum relativistic theory ... Lorentz transformations change the position of the world sheet with respect to these fixed planes, and they are followed by reparametrizations of the world sheet ... the quantum level the reparametrization group has anomaly, which appears also in Lorentz group and violates Lorentz invariance of the theory ...
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