Long Rightward

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List Of Unicode Characters - Supplemental Arrows-A
... gapped circle arrow U+27F4 ⟴ Right arrow with circled plus U+27F5 ⟵ Long leftward arrow U+27F6 ⟶ Long rightward arrow U+27F7 ⟷ Long left right arrow U+27 ...

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    If after all this any one will be so sceptical, as to distrust his Senses, and to affirm, that all we see and hear, feel and taste, think and do, during our whole Being, is but the series and deluding appearances of a long Dream, whereof there is no reality,... I must ask him to consider, if all be a Dream, then he doth but dream, that he makes the Question; and so it is not much matter, that a waking Man should answer him.
    John Locke (1632–1704)