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Major Crimes In The United Kingdom - List of Crimes - Individual Murders - 2000s (decade)-
... Summary 2001 The Murder of Ross Parker 1 Peterborough, England Ross Parker was a 17 year old white male, murdered in an unprovoked racially motivated attack ... Ahmed 1 Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire, England Shafilea Iftikhar Ahmed was a British girl, who was murdered by her parents when she was seventeen years old. 2005 The Murder of Sally Anne Bowman 1 Croydon, South London, England Sally Anne Bowman was violently murdered and raped near her home in Croydon, South ...
Major Crimes In The United Kingdom - List of Crimes - Murdered Police Officers
... killed in the line of duty Date Name Location Summary 1940 The Death of Jack Avery Hyde Park, London, England War Reserve Constable Jack William Avery was. 1952 The Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig case Croydon, Surrey, England Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig were arrested by the Metropolitan Police following a. 1959 The shooting of Detective Sergeant Raymond Purdy Kensington London, England German petty criminal Guenther Podola shot Purdy while fleeing arrest ...
Major Crimes In The United Kingdom - List of Crimes - Child Killers/Killings
... Date Name Deaths Location Summary 1860 Eastbourne manslaughter 1 Eastbourne, England 15-year-old Reginald Cancellor died at the hands of his teacher. 1867 The murder of Fanny Adams 1 Alton, Hampshire, England Fanny Adams was a young English girl murdered by solicitor's clerk Frederick Baker in Alton, Hampshire. 1953 Teddington towpath murders 2 Notting Hill, London, England 2 girls went missing in Teddington and were found the next day, having been murdered and raped ...
Hanseatic League - Lists of Former Hansa Cities
... when the city was excluded (German Verhanst) for having supported England, and Dortmund was made capital of the Circle ... Kontor London ! London Steelyard England ! Kingdom of England United Kingdom 70031853000000000001853 ... The Steelyard was one of the principal Kontore of ... London merchants persuaded Elizabeth I to rescind the League's privileges on 13 January 1598 while the Steelyard was re-established by James I, the advantage never returned ...
Alexander Henry Haliday - Contacts
... They included Robert Mac Lachlan (1837–1904) Forest Hill, Lewisham London England Ignaz Rudolph Schiner (1813–1873) Austria Diptera (species recognition) Hermann Loew (1807–1879 ... John William Douglas (1814–1905) England Microlepidoptera species recognition, description, higher taxonomy Rasmus Carl Staeger (1800–1875) Denmark Diptera Thomas Vernon Wollaston (1822–1 ... Angelo Ferrari (1806–1876) Italy Friedrich Kipp (1814–1869) London,England Andrew Murray (1812–1878) Scotland Edward Newman (1801–1876) Peckham, London, England Lepidoptera G.T ...

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    Forced from home, and all its pleasures,
    Afric’s coast I left forlorn;
    To increase a stranger’s treasures,
    O’er the raging billows borne.
    Men from England bought and sold me,
    Paid my price in paltry gold;
    But, though theirs they have enroll’d me,
    Minds are never to be sold.
    William Cowper (1731–1800)

    I’m an orphan. I’ve come to London to make my fortune.
    Vernon Harris (c. 1910)