Living Mulch

In agriculture, a living mulch is a cover crop interplanted or undersown with a main crop, and intended to serve the functions of a mulch, such as weed suppression and regulation of soil temperature. Living mulches grow for a long time with the main crops, whereas cover crops are incorporated into the soil or killed with herbicides.

Other benefits of mulches are slowing the growth of weeds, and protecting soil from water and wind erosion. Some living mulches were found to increase populations of the natural enemies of crop pests. Legumes used as living mulches also provide nitrogen fixation, reducing the need for fertilizer.

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Living Mulch - Control of Erosion
... Vegetative cover as living mulches protect soil against wind and water erosion ... Plants should form a mantle or thick mulch that protect soil from detachment ... Living mulches intercept raindrops and reduce runoff ...

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