Livermore may refer to:

In places in the US:

  • Livermore, California
    • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy lab in Livermore, California
    • Livermore Valley AVA, California wine region in Alameda County
  • Livermore, Colorado
  • Livermore, Iowa
  • Livermore, Kentucky
    • Livermore Bridge, south of Livermore, Kentucky
  • Livermore, Maine
  • Livermore Falls, Maine
  • Livermore, New Hampshire
  • Livermore, Pennsylvania

People with the surname Livermore:

  • David Livermore, English footballer born 1980
  • Doug Livermore, English footballer born 1947
  • Edward St. Loe Livermore, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts's 3rd District in 1807-1809
  • Jake Livermore, English footballer born 1989
  • Jesse Lauriston Livermore, early 20th century stock trader
  • John Livermore, Nevada gold geologist
  • Kirsten Livermore, Australian politician
  • Mary Livermore, suffragist
  • Robert Livermore (1799-1858), the namesake of Livermore, California
  • Samuel Livermore (1732 – 1803), a New Hampshire Supreme Court justice and U.S. Congressman and Senator from that state
  • Samuel Livermore (legal writer) (c. 1786 – 1833), a New Orleans lawyer known for his treatises on agency law and conflict of laws

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... Livermore Station is a ACE rail station in downtown Livermore, California. ...
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... Livermore loops (also known as the Livermore Fortran kernels or LFK) is a benchmark for parallel computers ... source code run on computers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ... The benchmark was published in 1986 in Livermore fortran kernels A computer test of numerical performance range ...
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Famous quotes containing the word livermore:

    Courage, then, for the end draws near! A few more years of persistent, faithful work and the women of the United States will be recognized as the legal equals of men.
    —Mary A. Livermore (1821–1905)