Lithuanian Language

Lithuanian Language

Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba) is the official state language of Lithuania and is recognized as one of the official languages of the European Union. There are about 2.9 million native Lithuanian speakers in Lithuania and about 200,000 abroad. Lithuanian is a Baltic language, closely related to Latvian, although they are not mutually intelligible. It is written in a Latin alphabet. The Lithuanian language is believed to be the most conservative living Indo-European language, retaining many features of Proto-Indo-European now lost in other Indo-European languages.

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Mikalojus Daukša
... Dauksza and Mikolay Dowksza after 1527 – February 16, 1613 in Medininkai) was a Lithuanian and Latin religious writer, translator and a Catholic church official ... Lithuania's humanists to underline the need to codify and promote the Lithuanian language over Chancery Ruthenian and Polish, which were in use in the Grand Duchy ... Daukša's Lithuanian translation of Jacob Ledesma's catechism became the first book in Lithuanian to be published in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania ...
Lithuanian Book Smugglers - History
... After the Polish-Lithuanian insurrection of 1863, the Russian Imperial government intensified its efforts to turn the Lithuanian population away from its historic roots, including the ... Northwestern Krai, ruling that only Russian-language education would be allowed there ... of Vilna Governorate, Mikhail Muravyov, ordered that Lithuanian language primers were to be printed only in the Cyrillic alphabet ...
Simonas Stanevičius - Works
... a type of household spirit in the Lithuanian mythology) and Arklys ir meška (The Horse and the Bear – symbols of the Aukštaitians and Samogitians respectively) as they ... The ode, the first example of this genre in the Lithuanian language, celebrated growing interest in the Lithuanian language and history at Vilnius University ... Towards the end of his life Stanevičius took an academic interest in the Lithuanian language, history, and mythology ...
Lithuanian Language - Old Lithuanian - Syntax
... Word order was freer in Old Lithuanian ... For example, a noun in the genitive case could either precede or follow the noun it modifies ...
Lithuanian National Revival - Lithuanian Language Status
... Due to a long period of common Polish-Lithuanian statehood and nationality, and the Russian Empire's policy of Russification many of the Lithuanian nobles in the 19th century had ... Lithuanian was generally a spoken language and was not considered prestigious enough for written usage it was, however, retained by some members of the minor nobility, especially in ... The language was not yet standardized its grammar varied greatly from region to region in form of Aukštaitijan and Samogitian dialects and their sub-dialects ...

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