Lite is a variant spelling of "light", a concept of weight, and may refer to:

  • Diet food or diet beverages:
    • Diet soda, a diet version of soda pop
    • Low-alcohol beer or low-calorie beer (or beer low in both)
      • Miller Lite, a brand of light beer
  • A simpler version, or subset, of something (especially software), in which complexity is forgone for the sake of easier application (or modified application); for example:
    • Crippleware, software that purposely has some functions removed
    • Adobe Flash Lite, a simpler version or subset of Adobe Flash Player
    • Nintendo DS Lite, a slimmer, brighter, and more lightweight redesign of the Nintendo DS
    • Kazaa Lite, a simpler version or subset of Kazaa
  • Lights (cigarette type), a cigarette with a milder flavor.
  • In the manufacturing of various products (for example, windows, doors, automobiles), "lites" refers to the pieces of glass that are cut, prepared, and used to create the window or door (related terms: toplite, sidelite, backlite)
  • Lite-Brite, an electric toy made by Hasbro that allows lit pictures to be created
  • Lite (band), a Japanese band
  • Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise based in Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Green Globe Lite - Sustainability, Carbon Measurement and Benchmarking
  • Deee-Lite, a house and club/dance music group formed in New York City, USA
  • London Lite, a British free newspaper that was available Monday to Friday afternoons and evenings from street distributors in London until Friday, 13 November, 2009.

Other articles related to "lite":

... Lite-C is a programming language for multimedia applications and personal computer games, using a syntax subset of the C language with some elements of the C++ language ... Lite-C executables are compiled instead of interpreted ... Lite-C runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP or Vista operating systems ...
Lite FM 105.8 - Programme
... Leisure with Lite a leisure programme Ramadhan with Lite a spiritual sharing with Siwo Agus Hidayat Lite Spirit discussion dialogue Berproses Menuju ... Weekend Spot Lite weekend programmes ...
Categories For The Description Of Works Of Art - CDWA Lite
... The result of this effort is CDWA Lite, an XML schema based on the core elements from Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA), and Cataloging Cultural Objects ... CDWA Lite is intentionally *lightweight,* to encourage and facilitate its use even by small institutions in cataloging, online publishing, and exposing metadata ... CCO is based on a subset of the CDWA categories and VRA Core.) CDWA Lite records are intended for contribution to union catalogs and other repositories ...
Advanced Combat Man System - Variants - ACMS Lite
... Currently undergoing development, the ACMS Lite has latest ARM processor and mobile communications technology to enhance networking and situational awareness capability ... The ACMS Lite also includes a smartphone portable device providing mesh-networking communications, processing and display of situational awareness and support of C2 applications ...