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Politics and Law

  • Hubert Vo – Texas state representative
  • Janet Nguyen – Orange County Board of Supervisors.
  • John Quoc Duong – As President George W. Bush's appointee, he served as the Executive Director of The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
  • John Tran – First Vietnamese-American Mayor in US, Mayor of Rosemead, California
  • Joseph Cao – First Vietnamese-American Congressman representing Louisiana's 2nd congressional district
  • Kok Ksor – president of the Montagnard Foundation, Inc.
  • Lan Cao – law professor, novelist.
  • Jacqueline H. Nguyen – United States Circuit Judge. The first Vietnamese-American federal judge. First Asian-American woman to sit on the federal appellate court.
  • Madison Nguyen – San Jose City Council member.
  • Mina Nguyen – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Business Affairs and Public Liaison at the US Treasury Department.
  • Huu Chanh Nguyen – founder and former Prime Minister of the Government of Free Vietnam
  • Phuc Buu Chanh Nguyen – president of the Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League, member of Vietnam's Nguyễn Dynasty
  • Tony Lam – the first Vietnamese-American elected official. Former Westminster, California city council.
  • Van Tran – California State Assemblyman
  • Viet D. Dinh – former United States Assistant Attorney General who drafted the USA Patriot Act

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