List of U.S. National Parks By Elevation - Highest and Lowest Points in Each US National Park

Highest and Lowest Points in Each US National Park

Criteria: Points on this list are the highest and lowest points within each national park and its associated national preserve, if it has one. It does not include adjacent or associated national recreation areas, parkways, memorials, or forests, but does include private property within park boundaries. Footnotes are given to mention other notable high or low points, when appropriate.

Rank Park Location Peak Name Mountain Range Elevation (ft) Location of Lowest Point Minimum Elevation (ft) Vertical Relief (ft)
1 Denali AK0573 Mount McKinley Alaska Range 20,320 Yentna River 240 20,080
2 Wrangell-St. Elias AK0573 Mount Saint Elias Saint Elias Mountains 18,008 Gulf of Alaska 0 18,008
3 Glacier Bay AK0573 Mount Fairweather Saint Elias Mountains 15,300 Gulf of Alaska 0 15,300
4 Sequoia CA0621 Mount Whitney Sierra Nevada 14,505 Kaweah River 1,360 13,145
5 Mount Rainier WA0621 Mount Rainier Cascade Range 14,411 Ohanapecosh River 1,610 12,801
6 Rocky Mountain CO0621 Longs Peak Front Range 14,259 Big Thompson River 7,630 6,629
7 Kings Canyon CA0621 North Palisade Sierra Nevada 14,242 Kaweah River (North Fork) 3,480 10,762
8 Grand Teton WY0621 Grand Teton Teton Range 13,770 Fish Creek 6,310 7,460
9 Hawaii Volcanoes HI0621 Mauna Loa Hawaiian Islands 13,679 Pacific Ocean 0 13,679
10 Great Sand Dunes CO0621 Tijeras Peak Sangre de Cristo Range 13,604 near San Luis Lakes 7,520 6,084
11 Yosemite CA0573 Mount Lyell Sierra Nevada 13,114 Merced River 2,105 11,009
12 Great Basin NV0573 Wheeler Peak Snake Range 13,065 Snake Creek 6,195 6,870
13 Yellowstone WY0573MT0621ID0621 Eagle Peak Absaroka Range 11,358 Reese Creek 5,282 6,076
14 Death Valley CA0621NV0621 Telescope Peak Panamint Range 11,049 Badwater −282 11,331
15 Glacier MT0621 Mount Cleveland Lewis Range 10,466 Flathead River 3,150 7,316
16 Lassen Volcanic CA0621 Lassen Peak Cascade Range 10,457 Hot Springs Creek 5,275 5,182
17 Lake Clark AK0621 Redoubt Volcano Aleutian Range 10,197 Cook Inlet 0 10,197
18 Haleakala HI0621 Haleakala Hawaiian Islands 10,023 Pacific Ocean 0 10,023
19 North Cascades WA0621 Goode Mountain Cascade Range 9,206 Goodell Creek 605 8,601
20 Grand Canyon AZ0621 Lookout tower near the North Rim's main entrance Kaibab Plateau 9,165 Lake Mead 1,173 7,992
21 Bryce Canyon UT0621 Rainbow Point Paunsaugunt Plateau 9,115 Yellow Creek 6,565 2,550
22 Black Canyon of the Gunnison CO0621 Poison Spring Hill Grand Mesa 9,040 Gunnison River 5,440 3,600
23 Capitol Reef UT0621 park boundary near Billings Pass Colorado Plateau 8,960 Halls Creek 3,877 5,083
24 Crater Lake OR0621 Mount Scott Cascade Range 8,929 SW corner of park 3,990 4,939
25 Guadalupe Mountains TX0621 Guadalupe Peak Guadalupe Mountains 8,749 SW corner near Williams Road 3,636 5,113
26 Zion UT0621 Horse Ranch Mountain Colorado Plateau 8,726 SW corner near Rt.9 3,640 5,086
27 Saguaro AZ0621 Mica Mountain Rincon Mountains 8,666 Rudasill & Sanders Roads, Tucson Mountain District 2,180 6,486
28 Mesa Verde CO0621 Park Point Lookout Colorado Plateau 8,571 Soda Canyon 6,015 2,556
29 Gates of the Arctic AK0621 Mount Igikpak Brooks Range 8,276 Kobuk River 280 7,996
30 Olympic WA0573 Mount Olympus Olympic Mountains 7,962 Pacific Ocean 0 7,962
31 Big Bend TX0621 Emory Peak Chisos Mountains 7,825 Rio Grande 1,715 6,110
32 Katmai AK0573 Mount Denison Aleutian Range 7,606 Shelikof Strait 0 7,606
33 Canyonlands UT0621 Cathedral Point Colorado Plateau 7,120 Colorado River 3,730 3,390
34 Great Smoky Mountains TN0621NC0621 Clingmans Dome Great Smoky Mountains 6,643 Chilhowee Lake 874 5,769
35 Carlsbad Caverns NM0621 Guadalupe Ridge Guadalupe Mountains 6,535 Black River 3,596 2,939
36 Kenai Fjords AK0573 unnamed nunatak Harding Icefield 6,450 Gulf of Alaska 0 6,450
37 Petrified Forest AZ0621 Pilot Rock Painted Desert 6,234 BNSF Railway 5,200 1,034
38 Joshua Tree CA0621 Quail Mountain Little San Bernardino Mountains 5,813 Colorado River Aqueduct 1,780 4,033
39 Arches UT0621 Elephant Butte Colorado Plateau 5,653 Colorado River 3,960 1,693
40 Wind Cave SD0573 Rankin Ridge Black Hills 5,013 Beaver Creek 3,559 1,454
41 Kobuk Valley AK0573 Mount Angayukaqsraq Baird Mountains 4,760 Kobuk River 40 4,720
42 Shenandoah VA0573 Hawksbill Mountain Blue Ridge Mountains 4,051 unnamed stream at north end 530 3,521
43 Badlands SD0573 Red Shirt Table The Badlands 3,340 runoff channel SE of Ben Reifel Visitor Center 2,365 975
44 Redwood CA0573 Coyote Peak Bald Hills 3,170 Pacific Ocean 0 3,170
45 Teddy Roosevelt ND0573 Peck Hill The Badlands 2,860 Little Missouri River 1,940 920
46 Channel Islands CA0573 El Montañon, Santa Cruz Island Channel Islands 1,812 Pacific Ocean 0 1,812
47 Acadia ME0573 Cadillac Mountain 1,530 Atlantic Ocean 0 1,530
48 Voyageurs MN0573 Tower near Mead Wood Road entrance 1,410 Rainy Lake 1,108 302
49 Hot Springs AR0573 Music Mountain Ouachita Mountains 1,405 Bull Bayou 415 990
50 Isle Royale MI0573 Mount Desor Superior Upland 1,394 Lake Superior 600 794
51 Cuyahoga OH0573 Black & Brush Roads Glaciated Allegheny Plateau 1,164 Cuyahoga River 590 574
52 Mammoth Cave KY0573 Mammoth Cave Ridge near Park Ridge Road Pennyroyal Plateau 925 Green River 421 504
53 Congaree SC0573 Old Bluff Road near main entrance 140 Congaree River 80 60
54 Everglades FL0573 Calusa shell mound 20 Atlantic Ocean 0 20
55 Dry Tortugas FL0573 Loggerhead Key Florida Keys 10 Gulf of Mexico 0 10
56 Biscayne FL0573 Totten Key, Old Rhodes Key Florida Keys 9 Atlantic Ocean 0 9

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