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Tap-Tap The Chiseler

Appearances: From Hopeless to Helpless, Tricky-Trap by Tap-Tap

Tap-Tap the Chiseler is a criminal that chisels jewelry, making them into smaller pieces of jewelry. He bears an amazing resemblance to Underdog, and Tap-Tap can use this advantage to impersonate Underdog. He also seems to be close friends with Riff Raff. He is voiced by George S. Irving.

In "From Hopeless to Helpless", after Riff Raff stole the Hopeless Diamond, Tap-Tap was hired to help break apart the Hopeless Diamond so Riff Raff could sell it and impersonate Underdog to pull crimes all over town. Everyone, including Sweet Polly (this is the only episode in the series where even she assumed the worst about Underdog due to her being fooled by Tap-Tap and mistaking him as Underdog after he snatched her purse), thought Underdog turned to crime and he was sent to jail. Tap-Tap pulled the crimes so excellently, even Underdog was convinced he was guilty, believing he sleepwalked when the crimes were pulled. Riff Raff needed Underdog to break the Hopeless Diamond into a million pieces when Tap-Tap failed to cut it, so, they broke Underdog out of jail and told Underdog that Tap-Tap imitated him. Now knowing that Tap-Tap has been responsible for the crimes that were pulled against him, Underdog pretended to turn to crime, and when he finally retrieved the Hopeless Diamond from Riff-Raff, Mooch and Tap-Tap, he apprehended them and explained to the townspeople, including Sweet Polly, how Tap-Tap imitated him and framed him for the crimes. And so, the townspeople apologized to Underdog for the misunderstanding, and prior to the episode "Tricky-Trap by Tap-Tap", Tap-Tap was sent to prison.

At that point, Tap-Tap disguised himself as Underdog and broke out of jail on the same day Underdog was visiting the prison. His plan was to purchase a bomb from a bomb factory and borrow a policeman's handcuffs. He used the handcuffs to cuff himself to Sweet Polly, and used the bomb to blow himself and Polly to bits if Underdog didn't do what he said. Underdog found out what was happening and jetted off to the TTV Building to stop Tap-Tap, who in the end was rearrested.

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