List of The New Detectives Episodes - Episodes - Season 3 (1997-1998)

Season 3 (1997-1998)

Season Season Title US airdate
17 1 "Fatal Compulsion" December 2, 1997
Psychology is used to determine motives of serial killers.
18 2 "Bodies of Evidence" December 9, 1997
Forensic scientists attempt to build a murder case without a body.
19 3 "Shreds of Evidence" December 16, 1997
Murder cases are built by forensic scientists examining strands of hair and fibers.
20 4 "Seeds of Destruction" December 30, 1997
Forensic botany and geology is examined.
21 5 "Lethal Dosage" January 6, 1998
Toxicologists examine poison related murder cases. Includes the murders committed by Judy Buenoano, the death of Gloria Ramirez, and the murder of Peggy Carr.
22 6 "Tools of Death" January 13, 1998
Forensic scientists examine tools used in murders.
23 7 "Out of Grave" December 14, 2005
New forensic techniques are used to solve old murder cases.
24 8 "Infallible Witness" January 27, 1998
Forensic scientists use new high-tech technology to solve murder cases.
25 9 "From the Ashes" February 3, 1998
Arson murder cases are examined.
26 10 "Living in Terror" February 10, 1998
Terrorism is examined.

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