List of The Da Vinci Code Characters - Sister Sandrine Bieil

Sister Sandrine Bieil

Sister Sandrine is a nun, who lives at Saint Sulpice. She is killed by Silas. Even though she works and lives in a church, she is a member of the Priory of Sion, assigned to warn them should the false keystone be found beneath the Rose Line, as it meant that one of the four guardians had been interrogated and the Priory was under attack.

This came to pass when Silas killed the last guardian, Jacques Saunière, and immediately visited the church in search of the keystone. Sandrine, realizing that Silas was attempting to obtain the secrets of the Priory, secretly attempts to contact the four guardians of Priory to warn them. However, she is horrified to discover she is unable to contact any of four and realizes that they must be dead. Silas overhears her trying to contact the Priory and, considering her act a betrayal to the Church and enraged already at being misled by all four guardians, cracks her skull with the false keystone, killing her instantly.

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