List of The 72 Shaolin Martial Arts

List Of The 72 Shaolin Martial Arts

The following is a list of martial arts practised in Shaolin Kung Fu. Although they are commonly called "72 Shaolin martial arts", they are four different versions of these 72 skills, hence there are actually more than 72 in total.

Read more about List Of The 72 Shaolin Martial ArtsDiamond Finger, Double Locks, Foot Striking Skill, Nail-Pulling Skill, Tree-Uprooting Skill, Four Part Exercise, One Finger of Zen Meditation, Iron Shirt, Iron Head Skill, A Series of Blows, Iron Broom Sweeping Skill, Bronze Gravel Palm, Snake Form Movement, Lifting A Thousand Jin, Deity's Palm, Hard and Soft Skill, Cinnabar Palm, Crouching Tiger Skill, Swimming and Diving Skill, Sluice Shutter Weighing 1000 Jin, Gold Bell Shield, Others, Jin Conversion

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