List of Terrorist Incidents, 2009 - January


Date Dead Injured Location and description
January 1 6 67 Guwahati, India. A serial blast kills 5 civilians and injures 67 in the city of Guwahati. Police believe the United Liberation Front of Assam are responsible for the attacks.
January 1 4 16 Bajaur Agency, Pakistan. Militants fired rockets at a civil colony in the Bajaur Agency town of Khar killing four people and injuring 16 others. The attackers were able to get away before police and army officials caught them.
January 2 23 72 Baghdad, Iraq. A relative of a Sunni tribal Sheikh blew himself up at a Sunni gathering south of Baghdad killing 23 people and wounding 72 others, including many of his relatives.
January 2 4 37 Colombo, Sri Lanka. Hours after the capture of the Tamil Tigers capital in northern Sri Lanka, a suicide bomber in Colombo struck killing three security officers and himself and wounding an additional 37 others.
January 2 0 25 Melitopol, Ukraine. A bomb exploded inside a bank injuring 25 people in the town of Melitopol. The bank and other buildings were damaged in the blast the bomber is unknown.
January 3 0 3 Colombo, Sri Lanka. A bomb blast outside a mosque in Colombo injured three people.
January 4 35 79 Baghdad, Iraq. A suicide bomb blast at a Shiite religious shrine in Baghdad killed at least 35 people and injured 79.
January 4 7 28 Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Police officers investigating "explosives" in the North-West town of Dera Ismail Khan were attacked by a teenage suicide bomber resulting in the deaths of 7 people and the injuring of another 28. Five policemen are among the dead.
January 8 1 2 Balochistan, Pakistan. One person was killed and two others injured in a bomb incident. The bomb had been placed on a sitting motorcycle and there is no information on who committed the act.
January 9 12 20 Nimroz, Afghanistan. A car bomb in a market place killed 10 civilians and two Afghan police officers and injured at least 20 others.
January 11 3 0 Southern Thailand, Thailand. Suspected Islamic insurgents in Thailand southern provinces shot and killed two Buddhist men and a Muslim woman as they headed to work at a rubber plantation.
January 12 9 18 Baghdad, Iraq. Three explosions in a market, at a checkpoint and a military patrol resulted in the deaths of at least 9 Iraqis and the injuring of 18 others.
January 14 1 15 Sui, Pakistan. A remote control triggered explosive detonated in Sui province killing one man and injuring 15 others including ten Pakistani soldiers.
January 15 6 2 Bardhere Town, Somalia. A remote controlled landmine detonated killing 3 militiamen. 2 civilians were killed along with 2 wounded in an attack blamed on Islamist rebels. while injuring two more civilians in an attack by Al-shabab militants.
January 17 0 0 Hernani, Spain. A blast went off at a television station in Hernani causing damage but no injuries. ETA is blamed for the attack.
January 17 6 19 Kabul, Afghanistan. A suicide car bomber killed one US soldier, four civilians and wounded nineteen others.
January 18 5 20 Qaiyara, Iraq. A Sunni political leader was killed along with four other people and at least 20 other people were wounded in a suicide bombing in the northern community of Qaiyara.
January 18 0 4 Herat, Afghanistan. A bridge was blown up by Taliban insurgents wounding four Afghan civilians as foreign troops were apparently going over the bridge. No foreign fatalities or injuries reported.
January 20 2 2 Kabul, Afghanistan. A bicycle bomb exploded killing two Afghan police officers and wounding two.
January 21 4 10 Baghdad, Iraq. Ziyad al-Ain, a dean of Baghdad's Islamic University and the Iraqi Under-secretary for the Education Ministry, Ammar Aziz Mohammed Ali, survived a car bomb but four others including a woman and a child were killed and ten others injured.
January 24 0 0 Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia. Two explosions, with no injured, happened during the night in Tri solitera suburb.
January 24 14 30 Mogadishu, Somalia. A car bomb exploded in Mogadishu killing 15 civilians and 1 Somali policemen. The bomb was meant for AU peacekeepers but policemen noticed the suspicious vehicle and fired several shots at the driver resulting in the vehicle crashing short of its target and exploding. At least 30 others were wounded.
January 24 6 13 Jarma, Iraq. A suicide bomber drove a car loaded with explosives into a checkpoint killing 5 police officers and injuring 13.
January 24 0 0 Kidapawan City, Philippines. Two men tossed a grenade into a church grounds causing damage from the explosion. No injuries or deaths were reported.
January 26 2 6 Katahariya village, Nepal. A bomb hanging from a tree at the Katahariya village local market exploded killing one person and injuring two other people seriously. The Tarai Army has claimed responsibility for the blast.
January 27 0 0 Corsica. Rocket attack against a police station.
January 28 2 4 Bogota, Colombia. An explosion in a two-story building in Bogota has killed 2 people and injured at least four others.
January 30 0 10 Davao City, Philippines. Communist rebels set off a landmine by a military convoy in Davao City and then attacked a police station with gunfire, injuring 10 people.

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