List of Sesame Street Animators

List Of Sesame Street Animators

The following is a list of animators who contributed to the children's television series Sesame Street and the shorts they produced for the show.

Read more about List Of Sesame Street Animators:  Jane Aaron, Joey Ahlbum, Karen Aqua, Ace&Son, Cordell Barker, Craig Bartlett, Charlie Hayward, Buzzco Associates, Lucy Blackwell, Eli Bauer, Gene Barreta, Fred Calvert, R.O. Blechman, Steve Zuckerman, Fred Crippen, Bruce Cayard And/or Mike Christy, Edward Bakst, Tee Collins & Vince Collins, Ken Brown and Lisa Crafts, Richard Condie, Jean-Pierre Dillard, The Ink Tank, Hal Mayforth, Sally Cruikshank, Lynn Tomlinson, Klasky Csupo, John Schnall, Sanjay Jangid, David Daniels, Bob Boyle, Laura Di Trapani, Steve Finkin, Eric Chestester, Hal Seeger, Norm Drew, John R. Dilworth, Loring Doyle, Bill Davis, Will Vinton, Richard Williams, Chermayeff & Geismar, David Ellis, Ray Favata, Paul Fierlinger, Filmation, Friz Freleng, Frank Drucker, Fred Garbers, Gary Goldberger & Peter Reynolds, Clark Gesner, Owe Gustafson, Jim Henson, Jeff Hale, Keith Haring, Dan Haskett, Todd Parr, John Moynihan, John Haugse, Magnetic Dreams, Joseph Hung, John Hubley And/or Faith Hubley, Al Jarnow, Studio Nos, Jim Jinkins, Jennifer Oxley, King Features Syndicate, Bob Kurtz, John Korty, Bill Peckmann, Wachtenheim/Marianetti, Maurice Sendak, Harvey Kurtzman, Veronika Soul, Derek Lamb, Aberle Films, 3ermundo, TJ Morris, Oscar Gonz├ílez Loyo, Frank Gersham, John Lasseter, Abe Levitow, AniBOOM Awards 4, Jacquie Trowell, Bud Luckey, Chris Hinton, Fransesco Misseri, Brothers Quay, Deanna Morse, Frank & Cauroline Mouris, Ron Campbell, Tony Dusko, Eli Noyes, Marv Newland, Ishu Patel, Janet Perlman, Rony Oren, Joanna Priestley, James Rizzi, Rose Rosely, Julie Zammarchi, Cliff Roberts, Karen Villarreal, Peter Wallach, Scott Stewart, David Rudman, Peter Sis, John Serpentelli, Elwood Smith, Ken Snyder, Irra Verbitsky, William Wegman, Mo Willems, Michael Sporn, Jim Simon, Gahan Wilson, Andy Warhol, Cozmo Anzilloti

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