List of Rozen Maiden Chapters - First Series

First Series

The 43 chapters (referred to as "Phases") of the first series were collected and published in eight tankōbon volumes by Gentosha starting on March 2003; the last volume was released on June 2007. The manga series is licensed for regional language releases by Tokyopop in the United States, Germany, and Canada, by Soleil Manga in France, and by Flashbook in Italy.

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 March 2003 ISBN 4-344-80212-8 May 9, 2006 ISBN 1-931514-54-2
  • Prologue
  • Phase 1 - Phase 4
Jun Sakurada has withdrawn from the outside world--friends, school, even his elder sister, who loves him dearly and cares for him in their parents' absence. To cope with the severity of his personal exile, Jun has taken to ordering products online and then returning them just before the grace period ends. But when a website instructs him to place an order for a beautifully rendered doll in his desk drawer, what arrives in the morning can't be returned...
2 December 2003 ISBN 4-344-80340-X September 12, 2006 ISBN 1-59816-313-2
  • Phase 5 - Phase 11
Shinku gets a new servant in Hinaichigo, who, it turns out, belongs to Tomoe, Jun's childhood friend. However, Hinaichigo's insatiable need for companionship might prove harmful to the new doll owner. And when another Rozen Maiden, Suiseiseki, shows up exclaiming that her twin, Souseiseki, has been taken hostage by a bad human, it's time for Shinku and Jun to find the missing doll.
3 September 2004 ISBN 4-344-80452-X January 9, 2007 ISBN 1-59816-314-0
  • Phase 12 - Phase 18
Jun finds himself stuck with Suiseiseki, who is trying to find her twin. She shows her powers to Jun, which makes a little tree grow in his dream. And when Jun sees the dolls undressing, he becomes self-conscious--he realizes that he feels something special for Shinku? But everything comes to a crashing halt when Suiseiseki's hatred for humans begins a fight that escalates into an all-out brawl--and Shinku may have to literally give her right arm to save everyone before the dream collapses!
4 December 2004 ISBN 4-344-80505-4 April 10, 2007 ISBN 1-59816-315-9
  • Phase 19 - Phase 22
Jun is back on the Internet! This time he is looking for answers concerning a "dream." The closer he gets to understanding the dream, the more he learns about the crazy world of the Rozen Maidens. Jun finds out the answers are hidden within the Rose Mansion. Jun will never be the same once he truly understands his dream.
5 August 2005 ISBN 4-344-80620-4 July 3, 2007 ISBN 1-59816-841-X
  • Phase 23 - Phase 28
It seems that sickness and death looms large in the mysterious world of Rozen Maiden. Suiguintou may be able to heal her master, but who will heal her? Suiseiseki and Shinku meet in a dream to confront the loss of Sousuiseki, but they do not seem to be alone in their mourning. Meanwhile, Jun may be getting better, but will it all be short-lived if memories continue to haunt him?
6 January 2006 ISBN 4-344-80691-3 October 9, 2007 ISBN 1-59816-889-4
  • Phase 29 - Phase 33
In a deep sleep, Jun is mistaken by Suiguintou for her own father, the dollmaker Rozen. And Kanaria finally manages to enter the Sakurada house, only to find herself welcomed by the ever-accommodating Nori. And the mysterious girl in Jun's she the seventh maiden?
7 September 2006 ISBN 4-344-80822-3 January 8, 2008 ISBN 1-4278-0221-1
  • Phase 34 - phase 40
As the Rozen Maidens inch closer to all out battle with each other, suspicions fly and distrust abounds, specifically around Shinku, who now seems to be acquiring several Rosa Mysticas. And Suiguintou is made a tempting offer by the mysterious Seventh Doll that could dictate the course of Megu's lonely, fragile life. But when Hinaichigo is lost, the remaining Rozen Maidens have to scour the N-Field in hopes of finding any clues that could lead them all to the Alice Game end once and for all.
8 June 2007 ISBN 9784344810303 May 13, 2008 ISBN 1-4278-1173-3
  • Phase 41 - Phase 43
Jun Sakurada is a reclusive middle school student that's found himself master to several Rozen Maidens--mysterious living dolls that are in a battle for survival. Jun has finally started coming out of his shell and is almost ready to go back to school, but as a result, he has turned a blind eye to those who need him most. Meanwhile, the battle for the Rozen Maiden reaches a new high as they cross their youngest sister, the seventh doll Kirakishou. Kirakishou catches Shinku in her deadly web, and only Jun has the ability to save her! Will he do what must be done? Everything comes to a close in this final volume of Rozen Maiden!

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