List of Premodern Combat Weapons - Ranged Weapons - Bows - Crossbows


  • Arbalest, Arblast (European)
  • Bullet Bow, English bullet bow, pellet crossbow (European)
  • Crossbow, small crossbow (European, Chinese)
  • Gastraphetes (Mediterranean)
  • German stone bow (European)
  • Pistol crossbow (subcategory)
  • Repeating crossbow, Chu-ko-nu, Zhuge Nu (Chinese)
  • Sk√•ne lockbow (European)

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Crossbow - History - Elsewhere
... The Saracens called the crossbow qaws Ferengi, or "Frankish bow," as the Crusaders used the crossbow against the Arab and Turkoman horsemen with remarkable success ... The adapted crossbow was used by the Islamic armies in defence of their castles ... than wooden bows, and were adopted for crossbow prods across Europe ...
History Of Crossbows - Europe
... The earliest evidence for the crossbow in Europe dates back to the 5th century BC when the gastraphetes, an ancient Greek crossbow type, appeared ... The gastraphetes was a large artillery crossbow mounted on a heavy stock with a lower and upper section, the lower being the case fixed to the bow and ... The use of crossbows in Medieval warfare dates back to Roman times and is again evident from the battle of Hastings (1066) until about 1525 AD ...
Crossbows And Catapults
... Crossbows and Catapults, also known as Barbarernas sista kamp and Battlegrounds, is a game of physical skill first released in 1983 ... Tomy and currently Moose Toys (under the name Battlegrounds Crossbows and Catapults) ... players attempt to destroy each other's castle with rubber-band powered crossbows (similar to ballistae) and catapults firing plastic disks ...
Laws On Crossbows - Sweden
... In Sweden, crossbows are considered equivalent to firearms, and possession requires a license (Vapenlag (199667)) ... Hunting with crossbows is not allowed ... Thus very weak crossbows are sold in toy stores as well as low powered air rifles (not sold to minors) while sale or possession of normal bows of any strength are not regulated ...