List of Poliomyelitis Survivors - Doubtful Diagnosis

Doubtful Diagnosis

The following people may have had polio, but there is disagreement over it.

Name Life Comments
Chrétien, JeanJean Chrétien 1934 !born 1934 A former Prime Minister of Canada (1993–2003), Chrétien has a distorted mouth and is deaf in one ear. His condition was possibly caused by Bell's Palsy, or a polio infection as a child.
Goebbels, JosephJoseph Goebbels 1897–1945 A politician in Nazi Germany, one of Adolf Hitler's closest associates and minister of propaganda. Biographies differ as to the cause of his "club foot", which almost certainly was not in fact congenital. Some mention a case of osteomyelitis at age seven, followed by an operation on his left thigh that left the leg three inches shorter than the right. Others attribute it to poliomyelitis at age four. Goebbels, on one occasion, is reported to have blamed a teenage accident.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882–1945 The 32nd President of the United States, Roosevelt has been by far the most famous polio survivor in the public mind. However, his age (39 years) and many features of his illness are more consistent with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré syndrome. See Franklin D. Roosevelt's paralytic illness for more information.
Shostakovich, DmitriDmitri Shostakovich 1906–1975 A composer who began to suffer weakness in his right hand in 1958. He was diagnosed with a rare form of polio in 1965, though some contest this diagnosis.

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