List of Minor Recurring Characters in Star Trek: Voyager - Seska

Species Cardassian
Affiliation Kazon, Cardassian Union
Posting Spy aboard USS Voyager
Rank None (formerly Ensign)
Portrayed by Martha Hackett

Seska first appears in the episode "Parallax", as a Bajoran crewmember absorbed from the Maquis ship in the episode "Caretaker". In the episode "State of Flux", she is revealed to be a Cardassian undercover agent who had infiltrated the Maquis cell.

During her time with the Maquis, Seska had a love affair with her commander, former Starfleet officer Chakotay, and befriended the half-Klingon, half-human B'Elanna Torres. Seska's former relationship with Chakotay would later prove key to her plan to capture Voyager in the double-episode story "Basics."

Once aboard Voyager, Seska slowly melded into a normal life with the mixed Starfleet-Maquis crew, a process not without difficulty. Eventually, after several clashes with the ship's rigid command structure and increasing frustration with the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, Seska detached herself from the rest of the crew and began funneling assistance to the Kazon. She was caught while attempting to deliver replicator technology to the enemy, and upon her apprehension, her true Cardassian identity was discovered by the Doctor. Seska fled to the Kazon whereupon Jal Culluh took her as a lover.

The Kazon were able to capture Voyager with Seska's help after she joined their crew. Seska claimed to have impregnated herself with her former lover Chakotay's DNA and used the child as bait, knowing Chakotay would never abandon the child to the Kazon and its mother. The Kazon attacked the USS Voyager when it came for the child and were able to board and take over the vessel. During the short period when the Voyager crew was marooned on a planet, the Doctor learned that the child was half Cardassian and half Kazon. He told Seska the child was not Chakotay's but Culluh's. The Doctor explained that despite the baby's somewhat human appearance the child would probably develop Kazon features later on.

Seska was killed when the Voyager crew successfully retook the ship from the Kazon. Culluh, however, escaped, taking their son with him.

Almost a year after her death, in the episode "Worst Case Scenario", a holodeck program she had altered to kill Tuvok was discovered in the ship's memory and nearly accomplished its purpose before it was successfully deactivated. Later, in "Shattered," when Voyager was caught in a temporal rift that placed different sections of the ship in different time periods, engineering was in the time period where the Kazon had captured the ship. Seska was featured in this episode as well, and her control of the ship was stopped by a collaboration of crew members from various time periods.

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