List of Middle-earth Orcs

List Of Middle-earth Orcs

The following is a list of Orcs of Middle-earth, created by fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien and considered to be part of the Middle-earth canon.

Read more about List Of Middle-earth Orcs:  Azog, Balcmeg, Boldog, Bolg, Golfimbul, Gorbag, Gorgol, The Great Goblin, Grishnákh, Lagduf, Lug, Lugdush, Mauhúr, Muzgash, Orcobal, Othrod, Radbug, Shagrat, Snaga, Ufthak, Uglúk

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List Of Middle-earth Orcs - Uglúk
... He defended Merry and Pippin from Moria Orcs who wanted to eat them, citing orders to bring the Hobbits to Saruman in good health ... When Grishnákh returned with two or three dozen other Mordor Orcs, Uglúk gullibly accepted their offer of help at face value ... Uglúk's view of other Orc races as contemptible "apes from Mordor and maggots from Moria" was justified in this climax, since only his own doomed troupe maintained fighting formation ...

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