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Richard Burton (リチャード・バートン, Richādo Bāton?) was Margaret's father and a colonel of the Nafrecian Army. During the ritual performed by Friday Monday in 1999, he was in Gazth-Sonika and attempted to stop it. Although Burton defeated Monday, the latter used the Words of Awakening from Firstari to force him to shoot his own daughter. Defending herself, Margaret shot her father instead. During their stand-off, Friday Monday addressed Colonel Burton only by his code name, which was "Madlax", and that was also the only word that two of Margaret's split personae later remembered.

Colonel Burton's face is partly shown very early in the series, but he is not addressed by name until much later on. Moreover, he is never addressed by his given name, but since the first letters on his damaged dog tag (now in Madlax's possession) are "Rich", it is safe to assume that he was named "Richard" because it is the only European given name that starts with them.

  • Voiced by: Toru Ohkawa (Japanese), Ben Hamby (English)

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