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  • Island 1 - The primary city section of Macross Frontier. It resembles an enlarged New Macross-class Super Long Range Colony Ship's city section, similar to the one in Macross 7, though by all appearances, it is significantly larger. It is the Flagship of the Macross Frontier Colony Fleet and is also referred to as Macross Frontier by name. The ship has two primary sections; the massive Island 1 Colony unit and the Battle 25 warship. Island 1 houses the colony's residential area, districts in the city comprise of composites of San Francisco and Shibuya complete with mountains, internal sky, forests and a small sea. The city section has a massive transparent teardrop-shaped dome, which is covered by an armored "clamshell" top that closes over it when needed. Waste processing is handled by a "bioplant", which biologically recycles the air, water and biodegradable items within the environment. The Battle 25 is docked to the front the ship, and acts as a command center. The ship houses the primary mechanisms to allow the entire colony fleet to fold or jump to Hyperspace at long distances. The Macross Frontier is also one of the newer Island Cluster-class colony ships.
  • Island Colony Ships - There are at least another 20 Islands within the fleet. Semi-cylindrical shapes that can like-wise deploy armored sections when needed, these much smaller (but still huge) vessels that can be attached to or be towed behind Island 1 in two crooked lines. The ships appear to be capable of independent flight, but is unclear if they can fold on their own. The ships are connected by an inter-Island tube transport/resource network which isn't the same type used by the Macross 7 fleet. Things within these include natural environments like jungles and beaches, as well as miscellanies like government research labs, malls and farms. The ships help supply the entire population with food stuffs, manufacturing or needs to keep the colony fleet independent of outside assistance. For containment purposes, an Island's systems can be cut off and if need be, the whole thing jettisoned. Most notable being Island 3, for its full-sized Zendradi population, and Colony's alien research facilities. These ships are very important to sustain the colony fleets quality of life and sustainability of its mission to find world to colonize. Only seven of these ships survived the final battle over the Vajra homeworld. According to characters in the series, remaining Island ships would barely be enough to start a technology-based civilization on a new world.
  • Battle Frontier - Battle Class Transformable Battle Carrier - Like all New Macross class ships, a battle carrier was constructed along the Island 1. It is also known as Battle 25. The ship is normally docked to Island 1's bow and acts as the command and control section. It is able to undock and keep the defense forces away from the Colony flotilla. The ship is equipped with a Fold system for independent operations beyond the fleet's confines. The ship is transformable, changing from "Carrier/ship" mode into a "battroid/mecha" mode. The ship has pin-point barrier system which it uses to protect sections of the ship and allow it to do physical attacks against other ship/objects when in its battroid/mecha mode. The ship is armed with a large number of secondary missile and turreted energy batteries, a large complement of variable fighter craft and its primary weapon system: the oversized detachable Macross Cannon. The ship is an upgraded version of the same class of ship as Macross 7's original Battle 7.
  • SMS Macross Quarter - Variable Space Carrier She is a variable "transformable" hybrid Aircraft Carrier, Cruiser, and the old SDF-1 Macross. The Quarter is the smallest ship of her kind at only 400m. The ship would be classified as a cruiser, if not for her transformation abilities, robotic/mecha form, and powerful primary energy weapon. She is similar in shape to the bigger Meltran gunboats or monitors. The Macross Quarter ship is designed like a variable fighter with her smaller cousin's maneuverability, being able to transform into carrier/gerwalk/battroid (robot/mecha) forms. The ship's primary weapon is a Heavy Quantum Cannon housed in its right/starboard arm. The left/port "arm" is a flight deck which houses its smaller craft complement. The Quarter is also armed with ten gun turrets and dotted with numerous point-defenses. Unlike her peers, the Quarter's small size makes her rather agile and much faster than her hulking cousins. When not needed, the ship stays docked to Island 1. A complement of Cheyenne II Destroids found on the outer hull perform anti-air defense & fire their missiles/weapons in a Macross Attack (Daedalus Attack in the original Macross), in a similar way the original destroids of SDF-1 Macross were used. It is also equipped with a Fold system to allow it to jump ahead of the fleet to scout and survey for security of the fleet. The ship has advanced pin-point barrier system which can be used to protect large sections of the ship from weapons and physical damage. It barrier system can be used as cutting/piercing weapon when applied to one of the arms of the ship which referred to as a Macross Attack. The Macross Quarter is operated by a private security firm known as the S.M.S. It is to note that the ship's primary weapon, the Heavy Quantum Cannon is not as powerful as a Macross Cannon such as the one used by Battle 25.
  • Guantánamo Class Stealth Carrier (CV/CVR) - The primary spacecraft/fighter carrier of the New UN Spacy fleet, they are the successors to the original and older ARMD-class carriers. They are boxy-shaped carriers not unlike old ARMD ships. They have appeared in Macross-related material since Macross Plus.
  • Uraga Class Escort Carrier (CV/CVS)- The primary escort carriers of UN Spacy colonial forces. They appear like mid-sized naval aircraft carriers, and have been used as command ships when docked to various colony ship classes. They have appeared in other Macross related manga/anime since Macross 7.
  • Bolognese Class Stealth Frigates (FF) - The primary escort warships of the N.U.N.S. colonization fleets. These ships appear like sleek, swept-back angular vessels. Like the above mentioned, they've appeared in the franchise since Macross 7.
  • N.U.N.S. Stealth Cruisers (SC) - The N.U.N.S. Stealth Cruiser is the newest type of space warship in the N.U.N.S. Macross Frontier fleet. Compared to a frigate, it has higher firepower and mass. These ships have been seen with painted steel gray & dark navy blue hulls among the Macross Frontier forces. The ships of this class are shown as some of the largest warships escorting and defending the Macross Frontier fleet through the series. One of the ships of this class, the Akizuki, was lost during episode 20.
  • Battle Galaxy - Battle Class Transformable Stealth Attack Carrier - The Macross Galaxy fleet version of the Battle Class Carrier. It had advanced Stealth combat systems and carried a complement of several V-9 Ghost drone fighters and VF-27 Lucifer variable fighters in its fighter bays. Battle Galaxy was docked to the main Macross Galaxy Island before the Vajra attack on the Galaxy fleet. It was destroyed by the Battle Frontier ship during the battle between the Macross Galaxy and Frontier fleets at the end of the series.
  • Macross Galaxy Island - The primary city section of Macross Galaxy that was docked with the Battle Galaxy ship. In 2059, the Macross Galaxy Mainland was presumed destroyed during an attack by the Vajra. However, Grace O'Connor had the Macross Galaxy Mainland hidden. Its current whereabouts remain unknown.
  • Dulfim Class Carrier (CC) - These ships are of a catamaran like design similar to Star Trek's Romulan Warbirds and to the Varauta command ship from Macross 7. They are large massively armored and armed carriers which are present in the Macross Galaxy colony fleet defense forces. These ships use a number of turreted laser cannons and missile weaponry. They carry a small fighter complement aboard like the Bolognese Class Frigates. They have been seen using the distinctive red & white paint scheme of the Macross Galaxy fleet. A single Dulfim Class ship from Macross Galaxy Fleet was rescued after fleeing apparent destruction of Macross Galaxy. This ship was later used to take Grace O'Connor to the Vajra's homeworld and to the main Vajra Queen.
  • Deneb Class Cruiser (CC) - The Kaitos was one of several Deneb Class Battleships that functioned as frontline warships for the Macross Galaxy fleet. It was destroyed during the Vajra attack on the Galaxy fleet. The Deneb is a green colored and single hulled cruiser, which appears to be heavily armored and equipped with several turreted laser cannons as well as missile launchers. It is distinctive for having a horizontally wedged nose and four winglets near its four main engine nozzles.
  • Queadol-Magdomilla Class Zentradi Fleet Command Battleship - This medium scale warship, often found in the role of a fleet command flagship, is actually two individual vessels able to be separated to serve different functions. The forward section of the Queadol Magdomilla (the Assault Module) can detach from the main vessel (the Orbital Module) and act as an aerial assault craft for combat inside a planetary atmosphere. The modular system allows the two sections to operate independently and both are heavily armed with hangar bays carrying large mecha complements. While the orbital module can still enter a planetary atmosphere like most Zentradi warships, the ship has limited maneuverability. Although this class has been in use for hundreds of millennia (like most of the Zentradi fleet) the Queadol Magdomilla was born in the middle stages of the Protoculture Stellar Republic's Schism War and is thus one of the newer ships of line among both allied and enemy Zentradi fleets. This ship was also the Zentradi flagship of the N.U.N.S. 33rd Naval/Marine Fleet stationed in planet Galia 4 and its landed Assault Module was destroyed during the "Dimension Eater" explosion caused by Grace O'Connor.
  • SDFN-04 Global - Macross-class SDF (Super Dimensional Fortress) Starship - A transformable warship that appears to be a production version of the original SDF-1 Macross, the Global was the flagship of the lost 117th Large Scale Research Fleet. It was found on the planet Galia 4 in its transformed state, covered in greenery and disused for many years. Inside the abandoned ship were discovered Vajra samples in a laboratory. The Global wreckage fell apart after a Vajra mothership located underneath pushed it aside as it lifted off into space along with its hive. During a flashback later in the series, the heavily damaged Global was shown descending from the failed battle that the 117th waged against the Vajra over the skies of Galia 4 into the lake in which it was later discovered more than a decade later by Alto and Ranka.
  • Macross 11 - New Macross Class Super Dimensional Colony Ship: This ship was only seen for a moment, but unlike Macross Frontier, it has also been modified with what appears to be sensor arrays in the shape of wings. Macross 11 also carries over 15 colony islands. At least one Guantánamo class Stealth Carrier is seen among other unidentified vessels escorting the fleet. The Macross 11 colony fleet is noted for its main language being American English and is the home of the Fire Bomber American rock band.
  • SDF-1 Macross - Super Dimensional Fortress - The original ship of the Macross series. It still exists in 2059 and continues to be located in the artificial lake in Macross City on Earth. The ship visually appears to be identical to its previous appearance in 2040 during the events of Macross Plus. A Vajra warfleet appeared above the SDF-1 during the events of Episode 25 of the series, but quickly withdrew when O'Connor lost control of the Vajra.

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