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Rin No Hisoka Na Koi No Uta / Mission:Love Sniper

"Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta (鈴の密かな恋の唄?) / Mission:Love sniper" is an image song single for the Little Busters! visual novel, and was first released on December 28, 2007 at Comiket 73 in Japan by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0038, and was re-released on August 15, 2008. The single is for the main heroine Rin Natsume in the game, and contains one disc with four tracks sung by Tomoe Tamiya, the voice actress of Rin. The song "Mission:Love sniper" uses the same tune as Rin's theme song from the game, "Ring Ring Ring!". The single is composed, arranged, and produced by Jun Maeda, Arm of IOSYS, and members of MintJam. Track three was originally composed by Gustav Holst under the title "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" from his orchestral suite The Planets. The track is called "Jupinyā" on the single as a portmanteau of "Jupiter" and the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a cat meowing, "nya".

All lyrics written by Jun Maeda.

Track listing
No. Title Music Arrangement Length
1. "Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta" (鈴の密かな恋の唄 Rin's Secret Love Song) Jun Maeda Terra 4:27
2. "Mission:Love sniper" Arm, Jun Maeda Arm 5:48
3. "Jupinyā" (じゅぴにゃー) Gustav Holst VWN 2:29
4. "Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta (my style remix)" (鈴の密かな恋の唄 Rin's Secret Love Song) Jun Maeda Setzer 5:23
Total length: 18:07

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