List of Konami Games - MSX


  • 1983
    • Antarctic Adventure
    • Monkey Academy (also released by Philips as VG 8102)
    • Time Pilot
    • Frogger
    • Super Cobra
    • Konami's Billiards (also known as Video Hustler and also released by Sony as HBS-G008C)
    • Sparkie (released by Sony)
    • Juno First (released by Sony)
    • Crazy Train (released by Sony)
  • 1984
    • Athletic Land
    • Konami's Mahjong
    • Hyper Olympic 1 (also known as Track & Field 1 and also released by Sony as HBS-G010C )
    • Hyper Olympic 2 (also known as Track & Field 2 and also released by Sony as HBS-G011C)
    • Circus Charlie (also released by Casio as GPM-105)
    • Magical Tree
    • Comic Bakery
    • Hyper Sports 1
    • Cabbage Patch Kids
    • Hyper Sports 2 (also released by Sony as HBS-G012C)
    • Sky Jaguar
    • Konami's Pinball (never released)
    • Badlands (LaserDisc game)
  • 1985
    • Hyper Rally
    • Konami's Tennis (also released by Casio as GPM-106)
    • Konami's Golf
    • Konami's Baseball
    • Yie-Ar Kung Fu (also released by Casio as GPM-108)
    • King's Valley (also released by Casio as GPM-110)
    • Mopi Ranger (also released by Casio as GPM-111)
    • Pippols
    • Road Fighter (also released by Casio as GPM-116)
    • Konami's Ping Pong
    • Konami's Soccer
    • Hyper Sports 3
    • Game Master
    • Konami's Boxing
    • Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2 (also released by Casio as GPM-121)
    • Pooyan (released by Hudson as a BeeCard, which requires a BeePack)
    • Japanese Word Processor unit
  • 1986
    • The Goonies
    • Knightmare (also released by Casio as GPM-122)
    • TwinBee (also released by MagaCom as SN-215 and Casio as GPM-127)
    • Konami's Synthesizer
    • Gradius (also known as Nemesis in Europe)
    • Penguin Adventure
    • Q*Bert
    • Green Beret (the only game by Konami UK)
  • 1987
    • The Maze of Galious
    • Gradius 2 (also known as Nemesis 2 in Europe)
    • F1 Spirit
    • Shalom
    • The Game Master 2
    • Salamander (also released by MagaCom as SN-906)
  • 1988
    • Parodius
    • King's Valley II
    • Gofer no Yabō Episode II (released as Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction in Europe)
    • Konami Game Collection 1 (Knightmare, Antarctic Adventure, Yie-Ar Kung Fu, Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2, King's Valley)
    • Konami Game Collection 2 (Boxing, Tennis, Video Hustler, Hyper Olympic 1, Hyper Sports 2)
    • Konami Game Collection 3 (TwinBee, Super Cobra', Sky Jaguar, Time Pilot, Nemesis')
    • Konami Game Collection 4 (Soccer, Ping-Pong, Golf, Hyper Olympic 2, Hyper Sports 3)
  • 1989
    • Konami Game Collection Extra
  • 1990
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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