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Arms Monsters

The Arms Monsters (アームズモンスター, Āmuzu Monsutā?) are last of the three of the 13 Demon Races (魔族, Mazoku?) wiped out by Fangires, whom they hate to be compared to and vowed revenge on the genocide of their races. Though they attacked/helped Otoya on a regular basis, the three eventually grew accustomed to his face when the King offers them a chance to be spared. Refusing to execute their friend, they were sealed away into small statues until Otoya saves them. However, upon making a Darkness Pledge (闇の盟約, Yami no Meiyaku?) to Otoya prior to his death, they are marked with orbs on their bodies and their original abilities sealed as they are then placed inside Castle Doran as its caretakers, watching over Wataru and the events of the outside world via tarot cards or playing chess or Hell's Old Maid to pass the time, the later game having a penalty on the loser. As a result of the pact, the Arm Monsters become Kiva's supporters, protecting the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization by allowing Kiva to access other powerful forms, possessing their fighting skills and mentality. They can sometimes get directly involved when needed to support Kiva. During the events of Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship, the Arms Monsters were briefly possessed by Urataros, Ryutaros, and Kintaros in the 1930s.

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