List of How I Met Your Mother Characters - Occasional and Guest Characters

Occasional and Guest Characters

Played by Thomas Lennon. Victoria met Klaus in Germany during her fellowship. She started dating a day and a half after Ted broke up with her in "Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.". Klaus came to America with Victoria and proposed to her in the Hamptons. Klaus tells Ted in the episode Farhampton at the Farhampton train station in the rain that although Victoria is wonderful, she is not "the life long treasure of destiny" for him, but "almost the thing he wants, but not quite".
Sandy Rivers
Played by Alexis Denisof (Alyson Hannigan's real-life husband). Robin's former co-anchor. He is a dimwitted, semi sex-crazed, narcissist (and, as described by Ted, "a total jackass") who constantly asks Robin out until one night she accepts, making Ted extremely jealous. Before this, he was a favorite of Ted and Marshall, as they enjoyed laughing at the section of his morning news bulletin where he simply read through front pages of newspapers in a spoof of Pat Kiernan's morning show on NY1. In the first season finale, he reveals that he has accepted a position at CNN and has recommended Robin to succeed him as lead anchor of Metro News One. He later appears in Seasons 6, 7, and 8 as Robin's boss at World Wide News. It is revealed that Sandy's hair is a toupee, as seen by Ted. He has appeared in 8 episodes.
Katie Scherbatsky
Played By Lucy Hale. Robin's younger sister. First introduced in the "First Time in New York" episode, where she comes to visit. Appears in one episode.
Heather Mosby
Played by Erin Cahill. Ted's irresponsible younger sister. Appears in "Little Minnesota" and mentioned in "Home Wreckers".
Hammond Druthers
Played by Bryan Cranston. Ted's boss at the architecture firm until Ted submits better design for a building in the episode "Aldrin Justice." Druthers wanted the building he designed - which looked like an erect male organ, although Druthers wasn't aware of this - and after the client told him 'no' Ted showed him his own, after which he got promoted. He, much to his displeasure, begins to work for Ted afterward. Appears in 2 episodes.
'Crazy' Meg
Played by April Bowlby. A girl who appears obsessed with commitment and Barney. She initially hooks up with Barney in Marshall and Lily's display apartment in "Dowisetrepla" and is arrested for trespassing when Barney leaves her there. She reappears in "The Bracket" as the Upper West Side champion to whom Barney must apologize. She also appears in "The Rough Patch" as part of Lily's plan to break up Robin and Barney. Here it is shown she is still obsessed with Barney and possibly Alan Thicke. Appears in 3 episodes.
Played by Laura Prepon Ted's former college girlfriend. Thus far, we know Karen is snooty and pretentious, she cheated on Ted constantly throughout their relationship, and that Marshall and Lily hate her. Lily recalls an incident back in college, when Lily was painting Marshall, who was posing nude. Karen walked in and as she excused herself, she lingered with her gaze fixed on Marshall's nether regions.
Marshall's friend from law school and Brad's old girlfriend. She is seen drunk at a party in the episode Ted Mosby: Architect.
Played by Danica McKellar. The girl who ends up in Ted's bed after Barney convinces Ted to do instead of think. Appears in 2 episodes.
Played by Amy Acker. A girl who hooked up with Barney twice and helps teach Ted how to do a rain dance. Appears in 1 episode.
Played by Morena Baccarin. A girl who works at a coffee shop who dates Marshall for a bit, and also starts the trend of people calling Barney "Swarley."
Played by Lindsay Price. A girl that Ted dated for one episode that wouldn't stop talking, they eventually break up, and she finds herself a fiance, who is deaf.
Played by Laura Bell Bundy. Robin's co-anchor at Come On, Get Up New York! after her predecessor Don Frank took another job, and dates Ted in one episode. Appears in 3 episodes.
Played by Mandy Moore. A girl who Ted meets at McLaren's and uses to get over Robin. She steals a bottle of tequila from the bar. She takes an intoxicated Ted to get his first tattoo, which the gang call a tramp stamp because it is a butterfly on his lower back.
Played by Britney Spears. Stella's receptionist. Very energetic and scatterbrained, she developed an obsessive crush on Ted while he was pursuing Stella. Barney ended up sleeping with her, and then they worked together to torment Ted with their faux relationship since they both disliked him at that time. However, Abby was simultaneously still in love with Ted and seemingly unable to comprehend that the relationship with Barney was a charade. Appears in 2 episodes.
Professor Lewis
Played by Jane Seymour. Marshall's recently divorced law professor who is considered a "cougar" by Barney, who attempts to "tame her."
Korean Elvis
Played by George Cheung Korean Man who dresses up as Elvis and hangs out with the group after meeting when Barney, Marshall, and Lily went to go sing Karaoke after Marshall and Barney got off of work. He whispered something to Lily, and she kicked him in the "nards". It's a joke that reoccurred every once in a while.
Played by Enrique Iglesias. He appears in Season 3 for the first two episodes. He was Robin's boyfriend who she starts dating during her vacation on Argentina just after breaking up with Ted in the last season's finale. He is a good masseur and more laid back and relaxed than Robin who eventually broke up with him.
Played by Carrie Underwood in the season 5 episode, "Hooked". She is a pharmaceutical sales representative, who the friends of Ted believe is stringing him along.
Anita Appleby
Played by Jennifer Lopez in the season 5 episode "Of Course". Anita is a dating guru and man eater. She is hired by Robin to seduce Barney Stinson.
Played by Stephanie Faracy Known as the "man-maker," she appears in the season 3 episode, "The Yips". Rhonda is a friend of Mrs. Stinson. She is the woman who takes Barney's virginity.
Played by Bryan Callen, Barney and Marshall's co-worker, friends with Blauman.
Arthur Hobbs
Played by Bob Odenkirk, A boss at GNB who was also Marshall's boss at his earlier job in a law firm.
Played by Taran Killam (Cobie Smulders' real life husband) Barney and Marshall's coworker, friends with Bilson.
Scooter (Bill)
Played by David Burtka, (Neil Patrick Harris's real life fiancé) in 5 episodes. He is Lily's ex-boyfriend who won't let Lily go. He actually went to Lily and Marshalls wedding to try to get Lily back. He first appeared in the season 1 episode "Best Prom Ever" in one of Lily's high school flashbacks as her boyfriend.
Jessica Glitter
Played by Nicole Scherzinger. In the episode "Glitter", she plays an old friend of Robin's from Canada. Glitter was her character's name on a Canadian TV show called "Space Teens" where she and Robin Sparkles used math to complete missions in space. Appears in 1 episode.
Steve 'Blitz'
Played by Jorge Garcia In the episode "Blitzgiving" he plays a college friend of Ted and Marshall's. He gets his name from the curse he has which makes awesome things happen whenever he leaves a building. During the episode, he makes numerous allusions to his Lost character including using "the numbers" 4,8,15,16,23,42 as a random phone number, and mentioning feeling like he's been on that "island" for eternity, as well as the fact that he is 'cursed'. The episode features the curse passing from a few characters starting with Ted, transferring to Barney and finally ending up with the original Blitz again.
Randy Wharmpess
Played by Will Forte, appears in two episodes: Rebound Bro (3.18) and Canning Randy (6.07). He plays an employee of GNB in the Legal Department. He goes out with Barney in Rebound Bro and Barney helps him get laid. Robin tells Barney that Randy is his "rebound bro" after losing Ted. In Canning Randy, Marshall has to fire Randy because he is a bad employee. Marshall later feels bad about it and rehires him. Randy wants to use the severance to start his own brewery, so he intentionally destroys Marshall's office in order to get fired again. At the end of the episode, the voice-over says that you can buy a Wharmpess beer at any bar in America.
Played by Katy Perry appears in one episode: Oh Honey (6.15). She plays Zoey van Smoot's cousin, who Barney eventually sleeps with.
Played by Amanda Peet in the season 5 episode "Jenkins". A female lawyer who gets a job working with Marshall at GNB, and inadvertently causing Marshall to become obsessed with not being labeled "the reacher" of the relationship in his marriage to Lily.
The Captain
Played by Kyle MacLachlan, appeared in 4 episodes. He is the husband of Ted's love interest Zoey. He initially gave Ted the impression that he planned to kill him while on his boat, to which he replied that if he did, he'd bring Ted to his cabin. Zoey eventually divorces him to be with Ted.
Slutty Pumpkin
Played by Katie Holmes in the season 7 episode 8 "The slutty pumpkin returns". She is the one Ted has fall for at Halloween ten years ago. After a long search, he finally found her but things doesn't go the way he/she wanted.

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