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Other Crossovers

Mike Mignola's creation has starred in many other artists' comics.

  • Next Men, Volume 4: Faith (February 1995) – Collects Next Men #19-22. Issue #21 contains the first appearance of Hellboy.
  • Gen¹³: #13 A-B-C Collected Edition (November 1997, ISBN 1-887279-66-0) – Collects Gen¹³ #13A-13C. Includes a guest appearance by Hellboy.
  • Savage Dragon/Hellboy (2002) – Collects Savage Dragon #34-35, with cover and pin-up gallery.
  • Savage Dragon, Volume 9: Worlds at War (March 2004) – Collects Savage Dragon #41-46. Issue #41 has a cameo by Hellboy.
  • Goon, Volume 3: Heaps of Ruination (February 2005) – Collects The Goon #5-8. Issue #7 contains a Goon/Hellboy crossover.
  • Madman, Volume 2 (Image Comics, October 2007) – Collects Madman #1-11. Issue #5 contains a major cameo by Hellboy.
  • The Heretic (November 2008) – Collects The Heretic #1-4. Issue #4 contains a cameo by Hellboy and Abe Sapien.
  • Danger Unlimited (March 2009) – Collects Danger Unlimited #1-4, Babe #1-4, Babe 2 #1-2. Babe 2 contains a major cameo by Abe Sapien and Danger Unlimited #4 features a Hellboy cameo.
  • Body Bags: Father's Day (June 2009) – Collects Body Bags #1-2. Issue #1 contains a brief cameo by Hellboy and Abe Sapien in disguise.
  • Hellboy: Masks and Monsters (October 2010) – Collects Ghost/Hellboy Special #1-2, Batman/Hellboy/Starman #1-2.
  • Beasts of Burden/Hellboy (one-shot, October 2010) by Evan Dorkin, Mike Mignola and Jill Thompson.
  • Sin City: Hell and Back (December 2000) – Collects Hell and Back (A Sin City Love Story) #1-9. Issue #7 features an appearance by Hellboy in a hallucination.

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