List of Fonejacker Episodes - Comedy Lab Pilot: 2006

Comedy Lab Pilot: 2006

Comedy Lab Pilot Aired: May 2006

# Comedy Lab Pilot
  • Mr Doovdé making three calls, calling someone asking for the number for "Hooomv" in Oxford Street calling for a Doovdé player and a loocada tiv, and calling a lady asking if her car is still for sale. When she replies yes, he says it's a shame, as if she said no.
  • A criminal (not Dave) calling a man for a getaway driver to rob a bank. The man does not accept the offer.
  • Jéan Pierre phoning a car Company to put a deposit on the "Phantom" Rolls Royce only to have phone problems while he reveals his details. He phones the car company again later to leave his details, only to have phone problems again.
  • George Agdgdgwngo making three calls, phoning a man picked from his database (A Phone Book) to receive a cash prize monies (£82.57) from the 1ps and 2ps people forget about, phoning from a building society asking a bank manager for her bank details so her branch can be refurbished and steam cleaned, but she threatens to call the police, and the other calling from automated telephone banking.
  • The Mouse phones a vet after eating poison that's on a lump of cheese. The vet is too far away so he can't be seen.
  • Alan calls a rickshaw driver to pick him up from terminal 4 of Heathrow airport.
  • The Fonejacker phones a dentist receptionist with a mouth full, to give him a broken tooth style of talking, and asks to see a dentist, but then unknown to the receptionist he asks to perform some love acts on her, but she thinks he is still making an appointment.
  • Mr Miggins phones a shop claiming a genie popped out of a brass lamp his wife bought, he asks for advice but the shopkeeper believes the lamp was not bought at his shop.
  • The Fonejacker in a queue on the phone. He goes to his rooftop with a golf club and hits golf balls off it. The balls hit nearby traffic wardens.

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