List of Exalted Publications - 2nd Edition (2006 - Present) - Print Publications

Print Publications

  1. Exalted: Second Edition (by Alan Alexander, Rebecca Borgstrom, Carl Bowen, Michael Goodwin, John Snead and Andrew Watt): The core rulebook, detailing the setting and history of the world, and presenting rules for playing Solar Exalted. (WW80000, March 2006, ISBN 1-58846-684-1)
  2. Exalted: Second Edition Storyteller's Companion (by Alan Alexander, Zach Bush, Joseph Carriker, and Peter Schaefer): Details information about the various types of Exalted. Contains information about the military might of the major groups in creation. (WW80001, March 2006, ISBN 1-58846-685-X)
  3. The Books of Sorcery, Vol. I: Wonders of the Lost Age (by Alan Alexander, Kraig Blackwelder, Michael Goodwin, and John Snead): Presents Artifacts of the First Age and includes detailed rules for the use of War Striders. (WW80300, April 2006, ISBN 1-58846-691-4)
  4. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. I: The Scavenger Lands (by Kraig Blackwelder, Genevieve Cogman, Daniel Dover, and Michael Kessler): Background information relating to Lookshy, Thorns, Nexus, Great Fork, and Greyfalls, as well as the abandoned manufacturing city of Denandsor. (WW80200, June 2006, ISBN 1-58846-687-6)
  5. The Manual of Exalted Power: The Dragon-Blooded (by "Exalted"): A book detailing the Terrestrial Exalted. (WW80100, July 2006, ISBN 1-58846-688-4)
  6. The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. I: The Blessed Isle (by Carl Bowden, Joseph Carriker, Jess Hartley, and John Snead): Details information on the most important island in all Creation, including prefectures and the entities who live there. (WW80215, October 2006, 1-58846-690-6)
  7. The Scroll of the Monk (by Carl Bowen, Lydia Laurenson, Peter Schaefer, and Dustin Shampel): Details a series of martial arts styles and the feuds and rivalries of those who use them. Additional material was released in a PDF format only. (WW80310, November 2006, ISBN 1-58846-689-2)
  8. The Books of Sorcery, Vol. II: White and Black Treatises (by Joseph Carriker, Lydia Laurenson, Peter Schaefer, and Dustin Shampel): A tome of spells for sorcery and necromancy. Includes spells updated from 1st edition Exalted and some spells new to the game. (WW80301, January 2007, 978-1-58846-692-1)
  9. The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. II: The Wyld (by Genevieve Cogman, Peter Schaefer, and John Snead): Details the Wyld, the kingdoms of the Fair Folk, and the rest of the chaos that exists outside of creation. (WW80216, March 2007, ISBN 978-1-58846-693-8)
  10. The Manual of Exalted Power: The Lunars (by Alan Alexander): A book detailing the Lunar Exalted, which, by comparison with the 1st ed Lunar book, expands their role in the Age of Sorrows. Explains the Lunar Thousand Streams River experiment. (WW80101, April 2007, ISBN 978-1-58846-694-5)
  11. The Books of Sorcery, Vol. III: Oadenol's Codex (by Conrad Hubbard, Lydia Laurenson, Peter Schaefer, Dustin Shampel, and John Snead): Contains expanded information on creating new Artifacts and Manses, as well as thaumaturgy rules. (WW80302, May 2007, ISBN 978-1-58846-695-2)
  12. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. II: The West (by Alan Alexander, Eric Brennan, Genevieve Cogman, and Conrad Hubbard): Information on seafaring nations of Wavecrest, The Neck, Coral, and Skullstone; lost cities; and the three cultural groups of the Lintha family, the Tya, and the Delkzani. (WW80201, July 2007, ISBN 978-1-58846-696-9)
  13. The Manual of Exalted Power: The Sidereals (by Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, Joseph Carriker, Conrad Hubbard, Peter Schaefer, Stephen Lea Sheppard and Dean Shomshak): A book detailing the Sidereal Exalted and the workings of the Bureau of Destiny. Includes expanded information on how Sidereal conventions affect the Bureau's politics. (WW80102, September 2007, ISBN 978-1-58846-697-6)
  14. The Books of Sorcery, Vol. IV: The Roll of Glorious Divinity I: Gods & Elementals (by Eric Brennan, Deirdre Brooks, Conrad Hubbard, Lydia Laurenson, Dustin Shampel and Stephen Lea Sheppard). Focuses mainly on Terrestrial gods; Celestial gods are more comprehensively listed in Yu Shan.(WW80303, October 2007, ISBN 978-1-58846-698-3)
  15. The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. III: Yu-Shan (by Alan Alexander, Eric Brennan, Genevieve Cogman and Stephen Lea Sheppard): A book detailing the heavenly realm of Yu-Shan and the Archipelago of Exiles in the West. Includes sections on the bureaucracy and geography of Exalted's heaven as well as prominent Celestial gods. Terrestrial Gods are covered in The Roll of Glorious Divinity I. (WW80217, April 2008, ISBN 978-1-58846-610-5)
  16. Scroll of Kings (by Michael Goodwin, Dean Shomshak and Scott Taylor): A book entirely about mortal wars. Includes expanded mass combat rules, rules for using firedust weapons, and naval combat rules. (WW80207, April 2008)
  17. The Manual of Exalted Power: The Abyssals (by Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, Daniel Dover, Michael Goodwin and Dustin Shampel): A book detailing the Abyssal Exalted. Includes information on the Deathlords and Necrotech.(WW80002, April 2008, ISBN 978-1-58846-612-9)
  18. Dreams of the First Age (by Alan Alexander, John Chambers, Dawn Elliot, Michael Goodwin, Lydia Laurenson, Peter Shaefer, Dustin Shampel, Stephen Lea Sheppard, John Snead and Andrew Watt): Exalted box set, containing information on the setting during the First Age. Includes a briefing pamphlet to give to new players entitled A Guide to Meru, a setting book entitled Lands of Creation, a mechanics and NPC book entitled Lords of Creation, a combat wheel for counting ticks in battle, and a cloth map which shows Creation as it was during the First Age. The First Age incarnations of important signature characters and favorite cities are revealed, character creation rules are offered for four different game power levels, and the social order of the Dragon-Blooded is drastically changed. (WW80602, May 2008, ISBN 978-1-58846-620-4)
  19. The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. IV: the Underworld (by Alan Alexander, Daniel Dover, Dawn Elliot and Dean Shomshak): Details the largest gathering of the dead, Stygia, and other necropoli like Chiarascuro, Dari, and Sijan, as well as First and Forsaken Lion's fortress of Merciless, major shadowlands like Marama's Fell, and the living lost city on the continent of Saigoth. (WW80218, June 2008, ISBN 978-1-58846-613-6)
  20. The Books of Sorcery, Vol. V: The Roll of Glorious Divinity II: Ghosts & Demons (by Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, Joseph Carriker, John Chambers, Conrad Hubbard, Lydia Laurenson and Stephen Lea Sheppard): Contains information on how to run summoned demons, major demons/souls of the Yozis, and character creation rules and Arconi for ghost PCs. (WW80304, July 2008, ISBN 978-1-58846-447-7)
  21. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. III: The East (by Alan Alexander, Genevieve Cogman, Daniel Dover, Dawn Elliot, Michael Kessler, Dustin Shampel, John Snead and Andrew Watt): This has information on the warring nations of Halta and the Linowan, the funeral city of Sijan, Mount Metagalapa and its Hawkriders, the Republic of Chaya, the Horde, the conflict between the Ten Tribes and the logging outpost of Farhold, Raksi's territory of Mahalanka, and the abandoned city of Rathess. (WW80202, January 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-617-4)
  22. The Scroll of Fallen Races (by Michael Kessler, Dustin Shampel, John Snead, Christina Stiles, Scott Taylor and Andrew Watt): Details the Mountain Folk and the Dragon Kings. (WW80208, January 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-615-0)
  23. Graceful Wicked Masques: The Fair Folk (by Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen and Stephen Lea Sheppard): Replaces 1st ed's Exalted: The Fair Folk. (WW80003, February 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-618-1)
  24. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. IV: The South (by Michael Kessler, Jack Norris, Dean Shomshak, John Snead and Christina Stile): Information on Southern cities of Gem, Paragon, Chiarascuro, and The Lap, and the states of Varangia, Harbourhead, and An Teng. (WW80203, February 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-363-0)
  25. Manual of Exalted Power - The Infernals (by Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, Michael Goodwin, Eric Minton and Neall Raemonn Price): Covers both Akuma and Green Sun Princes. (WW80105, April 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-366-1)
  26. The Art of Exalted: This book includes all the artwork previously published and some new ones. (WW80315 March 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-359-3)
  27. The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. V: Malfeas (by Eric Minton, Jack Norris and Dean Shomshak): Contains information on the Yozi demon-prison realm. (WW80106, May 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-372-2)
  28. Scroll of Heroes (by Alan Alexander, Genevieve Cogman, Jack Norris, Neall Raemonn Price and Andrew Watt): Contains information on mortals, including God-Blooded and Half-Castes, construct races and a merits & flaws system.
  29. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. V: The North (by Michael Kessler, Priscilla Kim, Eric Minton, Dean Shomshak and John Snead): Contains information on Northern states and cities.
  30. Scroll of Exalts (by Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, John Chambers, Michael A. Goodwin, Holden Shearer and Dean Shomshak): Covers major NPCs, including all of the signature characters.
  31. Manual of Exalted Power - The Alchemicals (by Alan Alexander, Michael A. Goodwin, Neall Raemonn Price, Holden Shearer and Peter K. Ullmann): Covers the Alchemical Exalted. (WW80107, February 2009, ISBN 978-1-58846-384-5)
  32. Under the Rose (by Michael Goodwin): An adventure module involving the rescue of the Roseblack, an influential Dragon-Blooded general, from the Imperial Manse, which takes place in the same setting as Return of the Scarlet Empress. Released for Free RPG Day 2010. (June 2010, WW80908)
  33. Return of the Scarlet Empress (by Carl Bowen, Michael A. Goodwin, Holden Shearer, Dean Shomshak and John Snead): A scenario book covering the invasion of Creation by the Scarlet Empress, the Ebon Dragon and their forces. (August 2010, WW80108, ISBN 978-1-58846-391-3)

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