List of Energy Abbreviations - D


  • DADRP—Day Ahead Demand Response Program
  • DANIDA—Danish International Development Agency
  • DA-RTP—RTP Day ahead real time pricing (regarding Electricity metering)
  • DC—Direct current
  • DCLM—Direct control load management
  • DCS—Disturbance Control Standard
  • DEFG—Distributed Energy Financial Group (US)
  • DEIS—Draft Environmental Impact Statement (US)
  • DF—Distribution Factor
  • DG—Distributed generation (electricity)
  • DIIS—Danish Institute for International Studies (organization)
  • DLC—Direct load control (regarding Load management)
  • DME—Disturbance Monitoring Equipment
  • DO—Dissolved oxygen
  • DOE—United States Department of Energy (government)
  • DOE/FE—United States Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy (government)
  • DOI—United States Department of the Interior (government)
  • DOT—United States Department of Transportation (government)
  • DR—Demand response
  • DRAM—Demand Response and Advanced Metering Coalition
  • DRB—Demonstrated reserve base
  • DRCC—Demand Response Coordinating Council (coalition)
  • DRR—Demand Response resources
  • DRRC—Demand Response Research Center (California)
  • DSM—Demand side management
  • DSO—Distribution system operator (regarding electricity distribution
  • Dth—Dekatherm (defined as 1 million British thermal units, also written "MMBtu") (measurement)
  • DTW—dealer tank wagon (as in, "oil companies setting regional dealer tank wagon pricing") (Oil)

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