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Other Letters

ɛn⟩, capital ⟨Ɛn⟩, is used in many West African languages for the nasal vowel /ɛ̃/. Ɛ is an "open e".

ɔn⟩, capital ⟨Ɔn⟩, is used in many West African languages for the nasal vowel /ɔ̃/. Ɔ is an "open o".

œu⟩, capitalizedŒu⟩, is used in French for the vowels /œ/ and /ø/. The first element of the digraph, œ, is itself is a ligature of o and e, and ⟨œu⟩ may also be written as the trigraph ⟨oeu⟩.

ŋv⟩, capitalized ⟨Ŋv⟩, was used for in the old orthography of Zhuang and Bouyei; this is now spelled with the trigraph ⟨ngv⟩.

ſh⟩, capitalized ⟨SH⟩ or sometimes ⟨ŞH⟩, was a digraph used in the Slovene Bohorič alphabet for /ʃ/. The first element, ⟨ſ⟩, is an archaic non-final form of the letter ⟨s⟩.

ǀg⟩ ⟨ǁg⟩ ⟨ǃg⟩ ⟨ǂg⟩ are used in Nama for its four tenuis clicks.

ǀh⟩ ⟨ǁh⟩ ⟨ǃh⟩ ⟨ǂh⟩ are used in Nama for its four aspirated nasal clicks.

ǀn⟩ ⟨ǁn⟩ ⟨ǃn⟩ ⟨ǂn⟩ are used in Nama for its four plain nasal clicks.

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