List of Dead Like Me Episodes

List Of Dead Like Me Episodes

Dead Like Me, a comedy-drama television series created by Bryan Fuller, premiered on June 27, 2003 on Showtime in the United States and ended on October 31, 2004. The show spans two seasons of 29 episodes. The original pilot was 74 minutes long, while the episodes that followed ranged from 40 to 50 minutes long. Showtime decided to cancel the series due to declining ratings in the second season, even though originally they claimed the show had three times higher ratings than the network's primetime average. Various actors also mentioned that the show had backstage problems, which was one of the reasons the creator, Bryan Fuller, left the series at the end of the first season.

Both seasons of Dead Like Me were released on DVD in United States and United Kingdom in 2004 and 2005, respectively. A direct-to-DVD movie titled Dead Like Me: Life After Death was released on February 17, 2009, with an option to restart the series. The episodes were filmed primarily in Vancouver.

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